Sofa Cinema – April

This is my monthly sofa cinema post, a brief overview of what I’ve been watching with Mr Noo on DVD from our sofa. To be honest, a combination of lack of time and inspiration means I only have three films to mention this month, actually 2 and a half but more on that later. This is just my opinion and what I love about this post is seeing what other people have been watching, so please – comments always welcome.

The Godfather, Part 3.
The final part of the trilogy. We have really enjoyed this trilogy. The films are long and we decided to watch one a month. Essentially, they are about an American mafia family, the acting, script and stories are excellent and all three films received Academy Awards. If you enjoy a saga about families (obviously, there is violence) I would very much recommend. The final film is tense and dark but I found it less complicated than the previous two. Michael (the Godfather) is older, wiser and trying to recast himself to his family and the world. While Michael attempts to build relationships and bridges with his family and a present himself as legitimate to the world, the mafia and violence continue to impinge. This film contains more suspense than the previous two. The tension builds in dramatic style like a good Italian Opera, and anyone who has seen it will know exactly what I mean, the final scene is particularly Operatic.

The American
I hadn’t heard of this film, George Clooney is the lead and I love a bit of George. The first few seconds had my heart racing and I was anticipating a good watch. It seemed to be a fairly ‘slow burner’, then it got slower, by which time I was confused and disinterested. Then we gave up. It is extremely rare for me to give up on a film, so I was very disappointed. The plot? George is an assassin in Italy. He’s good a making guns and meets a priest – that’s as much as I grasped.

Tamara Drewe
I love a British Film. Tamara Drewe is based on a cartoon story by Posy Simmonds and is a lovely British Film. Mr Noo and I found this film delightful and very funny. Little scenes develop the story and each gives an insight into the various, interweaving and brilliant characters. Tamara Drewe returns to the country village she grew up in, she’s reinvented herself and makes a big impact. Tamsin Greig plays the ‘put upon’ wife of a local well-known writer and also runs a writers retreat. So develops a cast of fantastic characters. Tamara wiggles around the village creating new romances and rekindling old ones. We particularly loved the teenage girls at the bus stop and the woman who runs the village pub. This is definitely my film of the month, funny and very much worth a watch.

What have you been watching and what did you think of it? Comments very welcome.


  1. Isil

    We watched Jacques Tati’s Traffic and Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine this month. I love Tati,genius. Today Undertow arrived, which you mentioned last month. Looking forward to watch it 🙂

  2. helloitsgemma

    I hope you enjoy Undertow – let me know. I googled both these, Traffic sounds good. Shock Doctrine looks hard hitting and very very interesting – I think it’s stuff I know and not sure I am able to face it in DVD form as an evening’s viewing, but am going to investigate further. Thanks very much

  3. Alison Craig

    Thanks for the George tip. I love to watch him with the sound off or on or when he is dubbed into Czech it’s that face, those eyes………..swooon. I am an itinerant flicker of the remote but I recently saw a great wee film with Ben Stiller – quite weird, quite off the wall, indy job called Greenwood or Green….well green something. Dark, twisty and he looked even more bandy legged than usual. Rhys Ifans was in it too and some girl who is going to be HUGE. I’m going to be HUGE too but not in the filmic sense more in the can’t stop eating chocolate sense. Anyhoo….bye bye for nooooo.

  4. Suburban Mum

    I’ve not seen the American but heard mixed reviews. I love George too, but I think I will give it a miss now!

    I finally got round to seeing Social Network this week and LOVED it, as well as A Single Man, which I found very moving.

    Hi by the way! 🙂

  5. janeblackmore


    My taste in film could lower the tone of your blog,

    this month I have watched:

    Screa4m – loved it – funny, gorey and scary – marvellous

    Little Fockers – quite simply naff

    Wizard of Oz – utterley fabulous but this was the millionth time I have watched it!

    1. helloitsgemma

      it’s a broad church here – always interested to know what other people watched. I don’t think Scream is up my street. Loved previous Fockers, but maybe you’ve put me off – it is on my list of films to see. Wizard of Oz is amazing – I still remember seeing for first time.

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