April for me is about flicking the diary pages until May. I love May, it is my favorite month, I love the light, the long days, the rise in temperature, the expectation of Summer. I’m usually tired by April and Easter, mostly turning up at some undefined point in April, serves as a good break and recharge. May is when the year seems to really take off for me, I’m thinking about holidays and suddenly weekends are getting booked up with visits and plans. We are outside more, at the park, the river, on walks in the woods; my son is invariably happier outside. The first three months of the year I find a bit of slog, having been paid early in December, January is always a long financially sparse month, something to be got through. February is very cold but pay day comes around quickly. March is about clocks going back and light appearing but by the time I’ve got to April I need a break, we all do.

Actually, the thing about April, the wonderful thing, is at the beginning of April tree and plants start sparse but by the end everything is green and budding, not yet blooming but that is certainly the promise on the horizon. More than once this month, on the regular journey I do each day to work I have been struck by how green everything suddenly is. What is blooming and what is special is blossom, cherry blossom. The beginning of the month it isn’t even there, then within days the cherry trees are heavy with gorgeous pink blossom, as soon as it’s out it falls like confetti and by the end of April it’s seems to be more in the gutter than on the tree. There is a road near me lined with cherry blossom trees and in April for a short time it comes to life in a glow of gorgeous pink, so this is April – not so bad after all.



  1. Reluctant Housedad

    Yes, this pic sums up April for me – pink. All that blossom. It was amazing, wasn’t it? And now, sadly, it’s blowing off the trees.

  2. Lucy (theprojectlab)

    Lovely post. I know what you mean about April meaning May is closer but this year it almost felt like May because of the weather 😉 Gorgeous photo and I bet it’s lovely to walk down that street, Lx

  3. missleslieanne

    Gorgeous photo 🙂
    And I’m sort of with you – April has been great round here, but manic beyond belief – looking forward to a chilled out May 🙂

  4. Sarah

    Love the photo! For all my waxing lyrical about nature in my entry I forgot the blimin obvious of blossom. I just love it, reminds me of the road where my Mum lived and timing coming back from months of travel just to arrive in the confetti of cherry blossom.

  5. Forest Flower

    I just love this picture! It reminds me of the street we lived in many years ago. We had a cherry tree just like those in our front garden. It was so big Icould open my bedroom window and reach out to pick the blossoms 🙂 x

  6. Becks Reay

    I love this picture and I love cherry blossom too. I wish I had a tree in my garden. You’re so right about April and everything coming to life 🙂

  7. Mom-on-a-Wire (Alethea)

    That picture is simply fabulous!

    Every year, without fail, the blossoms manage to surprise with their swift arrival. It feels almost as if you blink and they’re there!

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