Silent Sunday


  1. Nicki Cawood

    That is fab – the detail is fantastic. I’m not very savvy when it comes to street art. Do the police class it as vandalism still? If so, how the heck do the artists get the pics done with such great detail without being caught?
    Sorry, don’t expect you answer that lol, but your photo really made me think.

  2. Lisha

    Fantastic! Watched the graffiti flick “Exit Through the Gift Shop” a couple weeks ago, but didn’t see anything this captivating. Have been fortunate to see quite a few Banksys here in London.

  3. helloitsgemma

    I find this a bit sinister. It was painted by an artist call Phlegm (nice). A lot of his art appears locally, it’s all very detailed like this piece. The Council seem OK with it. The Laundrette is kind of funky and promotes a lot of nights and and music via adverts and posters – I think they may have asked him to do this, it certainly looks better than just a board.

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