Chilled Out


Chilled out. Imagine; a long afternoon, hot sun and shady trees, a spacious park, sand underfoot. Drifting gently, one mummy and her toddler in a big swing.

This photograph was taken in a Park in Gijon in Northern Spain. Love Northern Spain. My first holiday with Mr Noo was exploring Asturias region by train and small hire car where ever the whim took us; tiny coastal towns, winding backroads and cosmopolitan cities, glorious mountains. We’ve been back as a couple to Galicia further along the Northern coast but we love Asturias.

Asturias is green with dramatic mountains and wonderful coastline. Celtic elements and their own language give the region a unique feel. When my son was 20 months old we had our first family holiday abroad. We returned to Northern Spain, exploring the Cantabria region and then a week back in Asturias. As a family it involved cumbersome luggage, car seats, pushchairs, organisation and planning *breathes out*. But the region didn’t disappoint, we hung out on beaches and wandered through towns. Gijon is on the coast with a sandy beach and the vibrancy of a big town. We found a sprawling park, immaculately kept with animals, birds, a cafe and big spacious children’s play area. It very much suited us. For me, I got the chance to do some shopping, we had a late tapas lunch and then we spent the afternoon as a family just chilling out in the park.


  1. Jenny paulin @ mummy mishaps

    Oooh you have sold that place to me!! I wNt to go there and chill out! The photo is wonderful. I love that round hammock style seat and your son is just gorgeous. Look at those dark curls. X

  2. Trish @ Mum's Gone to

    Perfect – the shot is just lovely and the colours all seem to match!
    Never been to that part of Spain. I’m scribbling down the areas you mention. Thanks.

  3. Jules

    Love this… both look so relaxed and comfortable….wish they had one of those swings in my local park, sadly the idiotic teenagers burnt it down 🙁

  4. Alexander Res

    I love this picture! You look so chilled out. Its lovely when they stop wriggling for a few minutes at that age 🙂
    I’m back from my holiday and I want to go to Spain now.

  5. Becks Reay

    I love the idea of your holiday and chilling out but tbh chilling out never really happens for us. One or other child always wants or needs something 🙁 maybe when they’re older. We live in hope……

  6. Flora

    Such a lovely picture and makes me want to go to northern spain. Have never made it further than Bilbao – and that wa sin those distant, hazy hedonitistic days of grown-up travel. Used to arrive somewher and look for the best place to eat, sit and watch the world go by. Now I’m always on the look out for best local swings!

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