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OK, I admit I’m not in the best of moods today. Was it the early start? Was it the early tantrum? Who knows? Anyhow, I took me and Noo off to the Supermarket to buy all the things I forgot when l left it past my bedtime to do the on-line shop.
I have a bit of an issue with parking spaces at Supermarkets, Mostly, there is more than enough to go round. People who park in disabled spaces when not displaying a blue badge ‘do my head in‘. For example, there is a guy locally and as an aside I will mention that he has a chromed Bentley. Obviously, I don’t pre-judge him for that, I don’t look at his chromed Bentley and think ‘prat’. Of course, not. When he uses the local supermarket he parks in a disabled space. I’ve looked for the blue badge it’s not there, maybe he forgets it, maybe that’s part of his disability ‘forgetting’. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, after all I am just using him as an example of someone who parks in disabled bays or may or may not be disabled. OR MAYBE THEY THINK THEY ARE SOMETHING SPECIAL AND IT DOESN’T APPLY TO THEM AND THEY CAN JUST TAKE A SPACE FROM SOMEONE WHO NEEDS IT and if that is the case, my gosh I’d be happy to wee on his bonnet.

Equally, people without children who park in child and parent spaces. I would hazard a guess that a good percentage of supermarket customers are parents with children; small children. Children who need to be strapped into a car seat and require space beside the car to make the process of getting the child in and out that little bit easier. Yet, there never seem to be enough parent and child parking spaces. So this morning, when I spotted one I thought “Yessss!!!” . The white criss crosses that had been painted on the ground had worn away and I didn’t make a great job of parking exactly between them, but then I was at the end of the row, so not a huge problem. When I returned from my jaunt around the aisles, someone in a mini had parked in the space next to mine, I also have a small car. While, I was more veering to the drivers side in terms of car over criss crosses they where more veering to the passenger. Leaving a gap in the middle. Someone in an expensive Mercedes (obviously, another aside) had wedged parked in the middle. Allowing me diddly squat in terms of space to open my door. Not only that but upon peering into the Mercedes I spotted no child seat, no discarded books or toys, no raisins in the gap between the seats, no bread sticks crushed into foot well, no odd sock or any other tell tale signs of parent hood. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they have a tidy teenager. But, teenagers do not need the parent and child spaces. I surmised that this was an adult that couldn’t be bothered to walk any distance, or maybe they didn’t notice the large parent and child signs. So I left them a note on their windscreen. To be honest, I hung around hoping they returned. I was ready with an “Oi, this is a parent and child space”, in my best South London drawl. Years ago a very petite and pretty friend of mine with baby twins was in a supermarket car park. A single guy in the car in front took the last parent and child space. She pulled up opposite and as he got out she approached him. Smiled, he smiled back and then in a sweet voice she called him something that rhymes with Ducking Runt and reminded him who the parent and child spaces were for. Unfortunately, he didn’t shift his car, just his arse and ran off – very red. While she struggled getting her twins out of the car.
I feel like getting notes printed (which would save trying to finding a pen and paper).


I could get a separate one printed for abled bodied people who park in disabled spaces but I’m too polite to say what I might get printed on it, but it may rhyme with Ducking Runt.


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    If I have to pass a car that is selfishly parked – eg on the pavement so that mothers with buggies have to take them into the road to pass, or cars that block an entrance or zebra crossing – I adjust their wing mirrors for them. It doesn’t do any damage but it is inconvenient for the driver, touche!

  2. TheMadHouse

    I used to feel the same, espeically as I had two v small ones close together in age and a car seat at each side. I no just park further away and we walk. I always said that parent and child parking spaces need not be so close to the entrance as it was the space I needed to the short walk, I used to pop them both into a trolley

    1. helloitsgemma

      You are right, I guess they don’t have to be so far. I suppose it’s that thing of if it’s cold or raining and you have tiny ones. The other big supermarket near me has them tucked round the side but still near the entrance, doesn’t seem to attract so many non-parent parkers. I guess, it’s about about design. Often lacking when it comes to the needs of parents.

  3. Steph

    Hear hear. I too have done the writing a (not very) polite note and leaving it on windscreen before. Have to also admit to not opening the door too carefully once or twice to be able to squeeze little child in too…. so naughty. But not lazy.

  4. Ellen Arnison

    Well said that woman. You should team up with my husband who is more than happy to express his opinion of parking space cowboys in the most blunt terms.
    The only time I did use disabled spaces without a badge was when I was hugely pregnant (so big I once couldn’t get into my car in an ordinary space when an ordinary car parked an ordinary distance away). I was hoping someone would challenge me so I could give them the benefit of my hormonal rage.

  5. Adrenalynn

    THANK. YOU! I couldn’t agree more! This is exactly the reason why I bought big, yellow bumper stickers that read “I park like an idiot”. And I’m not afraid to use them.

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