I must admit a mustachioed man doesn’t do much for me and frankly a woman sporting the equalivent does even less. I just don’t think; attractive. I think; old paint brush with bits of lunch in it.
Maybe, I’m missing something? Laura at AWNTYM – she loves them. Perhaps, it’s one of those negative stereotypes I’ve absorbed and now it is the time for a more positive acceptance of the moustache. The time to bring it back into fashion to make it something for everyone.
In the current climate of spending cuts and economic downturn moustaches could bring the Country together. Create conversation beyond the weather and redundancy. “Nice ‘tache” could be the opener we’ve all been seeking to create new conversation and friendships across the land. But how?
I appreciate some may be cynical and some may wonder if they could carry a moustache off. What if one family showed the United Kingdom the way? Demonstrated that mustachioed works across the generations.
The Walton’s weren’t available. Hence, I have re-created the recent Royal Wedding balcony scene, except each person is sporting a moustache. Nothing over blown, simple modest moustaches. The ‘actual’ Royal Family had commitments on State visits and the such like, so actors were used in this reconstruction but the poses are based on fact, just simply mustachio enhanced. I think it shows a moustache suits, young and old, male and female, rich and richer. See how happy they look.

Mustaschioed Royal Wedding

Credits. Left to right: Wendy and Bob the Builder: Mr & Mrs Middleton. Postman Pat and Jess: Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall. Lego Man and Dora the Explora: Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge. Wendolene: Her Majesty the Queen. Big Ears: The Duke of Edinburgh. Tessie Bear: Pippa Middleton. Tigger: Prince Harry. White Bear Yellow Face: Grace Van Cutsem.


  1. Ali

    Very funny, I with you all the way there Gemma. Hate the things all those crumbs and goodness know what else caught up in them, I am screwing my nose up while typing this out yuk !!!

    I am loving your picture though, now pass the razor I am taking them off 🙂

  2. spudballoo

    Oh BRAVO! Fantastic, love this…love the description of who’s who…Bob the Builder side by side with Mr and Mrs Middleton etc etc.

    Love love love this. xxx

  3. Caroline Job

    love it! Very very clever! Sadly don’t have all these toys lying around to start playing with… Kids have outgrown the duplo… I do have LEGO drinking bottles, though. Might give one of those a moustache! Not a bad idea, these brand new official LEGO bottles, available in many colours from Lunchbox World!

  4. helloitsgemma

    thank you for all the comments, maybe I have too much time on my hands, maybe I am bonkers, maybe I have an over active imagination. I will say my 3 year old was horrified and pulled all the moustaches off. I am still finding them around the place. I am so happy people liked it (sadly, maybe) I loved putting it together. Wendolene is my fav. Loved this Gallery, and very much enjoyed looking at everyone else’s contribution – as ever, diverse and funny and clever, everything that makes the Gallery great.

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