My Back Yard

My ‘actual’ back yard is a tiny tarmac covered space. My ‘real’ back yard is the Peak District, actually the Dark Peak, the gritstone side of the Peak (as opposed to the White Peak the lime stone side). I am 20 minutes away. I moved to the North for the Peak district, at the time I was very keen on rock climbing. Gritstone is God’s own rock. Something very special, it’s a difficult to describe, it’s to do with friction but that makes me sound weird. I used to get out to the Peak at lot more than I do now, walking replaced climbing. May is my favourite month, one of the reasons being for the length of the days. Finish work, get out to the Peak, avoid the weekend crowds, take long walks. I treasure the Peak, it’s a familiar old friend, a place of comfort. It holds many memories of time spent with friends, many of the adventurous and interesting people I met through climbing now live abroad, America, Spain, France. Being amongst the gritstone reminds me of them, time spent, long afternoons in the Peak. It reminds me of a friend now lost.
The thing I missed enormously when I had my son was the opportunities to spend evenings in the Peak. This photograph is from one evening snatched back. A summer’s evening, we camped in the Peak. Walked up a big hill with long shadows, instead of a bed time routine we had a busy walker’s route to ourselves. Here he is on top of the world, God’s own rock under his feet.


  1. Sarah of Catching the Magic

    Awww, gorgeous post! My dear sister lives in Chinley, High Peak and is an AVID rock climber (Claire Aspinall – you never know – small world and all!).

    I adore that part of the UK too.

    That’s one very special place to call your back yard 🙂 Magnificent and adore the photo!

  2. Alexander Residence

    I can relate to that frustration of not walking, hiking, exploring anywhere near as far as you would like. Not that I did it enough before kids but I so want to do it now. Dad tells me not to worry, in a few years they’ll walk for miles if they have friends and sweets. Love the energy in the pic!

  3. Multiple Mummy

    That is amazing! In awe that you camped! You are very lucky to have somewhere like that so close. Sorry I have not been about much lately! Going to catch up this week. x

  4. helloitsgemma

    thanks for all the comments – anyone who’s not been to the Peak District, it is the most visited National Park in the world, second only to a Park in Japan. Almost all the walking is easy as the hills are rolling rather than ‘Peaks’ as the name suggestions. Lots of villages for cafe/pub stops. There are some great books which feature walks suitable for kids. The camping opportunities are definetely work investigating for a weekend away.

  5. Anna

    Brilliantly posed photo, it’s gorgeous. I live about twenty minutes from the Paek District too, on the wrong side tho – unfortunately about twenty minutes south of The Roaches, not near the beautiful High Peak. I do love walking and picnics in the Peaks tho the landscapes are amazing x

  6. SAHMlovingit

    What a fab backyard and go you for being so active, getting out there and camping. Love the picture.

    p.s. I think we must have been writing our Gallery posts at the same time Tuesday night hahahaha!


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