The Tate St. Ives

Yesterday’s Silent Sunday expanded. For all the very lovely people who warmed the cockles of my heart by commenting on my Silent Sunday, the photo was of an art installation at the Tate St Ives, taken last week while on holiday in Cornwall (more of that later this week).

It’s by an artist called Martin Creed and it’s called Work No. 210 Half the air in a given space 1999 (Installation in 2011) (click here for link to the Tate St Ives).

It’s a room full of latex balloons, you can view the room from a gallery above or you can enter and roam amongst the balloons, which, I can confirm, is it the BEST FUN (even if it does make your hair stand on end).  If you are in Cornwall this Summer the exhibition runs until 25th September and they have other family/child friendly activities, it’s definitely worth visiting and The Tate St Ives is right across from a beautiful blue flag beach.



Afterwards, I recommend you visit the Cafe and roof terrace – what view!



  1. spudballoo

    oh this is great, thanks for posting more photos…I was totally intrigued by your shot yesterday. Sometimes Silent Sunday just DOES need a little story. I blogged the story behind my SS post today too. Great minds etc etc x

  2. Kirsty

    Brilliant, I was hoping to see this post. That looks like lots of fun and an interesting artwork too – space divided into spaces, open air and air captured. Sadly it’s WAY too far for us to travel, but I must make sure to take the kids to plenty of the same. I wonder what’s on at the Baltic at the moment..?

    I’ve done a ‘more Monday’ post too, a cheeky explanation of my photo. 🙂

  3. Alexander Residence

    Wow! It all looks so hot and exotic and fun! I reckon you had an amazing time. Much deserved break 🙂 Have only been to Cornwall once, like you say it is worth the drive.

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