Sofa Cinema – May

This is my monthly catch-up on what I’ve been watching from the comfort of my sofa in the last month. It’s all been a bit dark this month. Note to self; maybe a romantic comedy for June – so any suggestions, particularly for light viewing would be great.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Based on the Novel by Stieg Larsson, Mr Noo had read the book but I hadn’t.

We decided to watch it dubbed into English rather than subtitles.  It’s a ‘powerful’ film, in terms of the issues covered are fairly dark.  It’s very gripping. Mr Noo was happy with the adaptation and I thought it was gripping and the main characters very likeable, I want to watch the other films to see how things develop for them.

Winter’s Bone
I don’t know much about this film, it won an award at the Sundance Festival and Academy award nominations, so it came recommended. It’s an American independent film. Set in Missouri amongst the grim poverty of the communities that live in the hill areas. It’s about a young woman, Ree, caring for her younger siblings and mother who is mentally ill. Her father is crystal meth’s user and has abandoned the family, he skips bail but has used the family home as collateral for his bail.  Ree has to find him in order to keep the family together.  Not exactly uplifting, Ree lives under a permanently grey sky, but a very good film.

This was recommended to me by Mama and More, way back in March.
It’s a great French film, brilliant twists and turns, full of suspense, but French in that nothing is spelt out, which I like.  Max is engaged to Muriel but has a chance encounter with an ex-lover, who he lost contact with, he goes in pursuit of her – I won’t say anymore in order not to spoil it. Really enjoyed it.

My film of the month L’Appartement.
Can anyone recommend something a bit more cheerful – I do have ‘A Frenchman’s Guide to Love’ sitting at home waiting to be watched (Eric Cantona and Hugh Bonneville) it was recommended by fab Khlari and it looks very cheery. As ever, I’d love to know what you’ve been watching, please drop me a comment and keep my Love Film list topped up.


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