Sofa Cinema – June

Sofa cinema for June, a little late, but here never the less. This is what I’ve been watching on DVD over the past month. Step away now if your looking for depth or analysis but please do comment if you have a thought or a recommendation.

Black Swan
Didn’t like it, I can only describe it as ‘strangled’. All of it felt as if someone had a big fist around it’s neck and was squeezing hard; the story, Natalie Portman’s performance, being strangled. Probably just me?

This is a documentary and if you can get your hand on a copy it is a fascinating watch. The Paskowitz family hit the road in the late 60’s early 70’s, 9 children, two adults in a 25 foot camper van (yes, really) their mission to surf, everyday, where ever the whim took them. This family is legendary in surf circles, producing several champion surfers and Packowitz senior introduced surfing to Israel. Fantastic photographs and footage from their life but the thing that makes it, is the entire family’s perspective on their apparently idyllic childhood as adults. I found it both fascinating and emotive.
I watched this with a group of friends. We had that experience when you watch a film and then everyone has an opinion, how could I describe the aftermath….“hotly debated”. Yes, that will do.

Grace is Gone
A film from 2007 and staring John Cussack. A drama about a father’s response to his two daughters immediately following their mother’s death whilst serving in Iraq.

Picture the scene, five women in a DVD store trying to find something a. they liked, b. they’d not seen. It had ‘award winner’ in two places on the cover of the DVD, it seemed as good a reason as any to take it home and none of us has seen it.
Some of the group found it very moving, I felt as if I’d wasted part of my life, but maybe that’s just me.

French Film – A Frenchman’s Guide to Love
This was recommended to me by Khlari in April, she described, it as a ‘gentle comedy’ with Eric Cantona ‘being very French’. It’s exactly that, both me and Mr Noo really enjoyed it, it’s not perfect but it’s very nice and, in my view you can’t beat Eric. There are some very funny moments but essentially it’s worth it just for Eric.

My film of the month – SurfWise, just fascinating.

Catch up on previous month’s here. I do love a recommendation to keep my DVD list ticking over, so please leave me a comment. Thank you.


  1. mumfordandsons4real

    Watched Black Swan, liked it however wasn’t anything like I thought it would be like, Hubster still does on about that scene!
    As for the other 3 I’ve never even heard of them

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