Save the Children – East Africa Appeal

Blogging has increasing sway and a significant voice, there has been a lot of debate in the past few days about the ‘commercialization’ of blogging.
For me what CyberMummy made me realise is blogging is a voice for change and it can be a positive force for change, Acme Baby Stuff limited may be for some but not all, but you can also use your space to make a difference

Whether we are bloggers, mummy bloggers or parent blogs the common thread is wanting to have a voice, what I’m encouraging people to do is use that voice for change. Most people reading this will be parents, think for a moment about your own children and what you would do to protect them.

There is a Humanitarian Crisis developing in the Horn of Africa, right at this moment, impacting on Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, it’s a complicated region (you can read more about the region in a Guardian article by clicking here) but frankly, the whys and wherefores of politics should not be the focus here, this is about lives, millions face starvation.

Save the Children have launched an emergency appeal or take a minute, just a minute to watch this film.

This is about someone’s children.

Donate to Save the Children.

Read what’s going on here, via Liz Scraff’s blog and get involved, tweet it, Facebook it, blog it. Shout it.
Follow @AndrewWander and find out what’s happening in the region now.


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