The last time I visited my parents, my Dad gave me this ‘snap shot’ he’d found in a drawer. It’s of my Grandad, my mother’s father. I love this because it is such a ‘snap’ no concern for the background, it’s about capturing my Grandad and it does. He died some 20 years ago, I don’t remember him in clothes other than these, except sometimes with the addition of a tie, various white shirts and brown trousers.  Clearly he has not dressed down for the beach.
His topics of conversation were; the weather, cricket and, on occasion, football. He liked walks in the park and Saga Coach holidays. We had a little routine, whenever a Disney film was showing at the local Odeon, he’d come to collect me. We’d take same bus, at the same time, to the town in where he lived. We would call into ‘Caters’ which was a local supermarket, he always brought; chipolata sausages, tinned carrots and tinned potatoes. We’d walk to his house, he’d spend ages preparing this feast (I’m really not sure what took him so long). He had two chairs in the kitchen, which belonged to his Mother, we’d perch on those to eat. Then walk back into town and queue (always a queue) to see the film. I saw every Disney film with him and then I reached a certain age and I didn’t want to go anymore. Reflecting now, I appreciate he was desperately disappointed that I’d moved on, grown up a little bit. It didn’t occur to me how much he meant to me, until he was gone, but that’s often the way. I still have those kitchen chairs and a deep love of tinned potatoes.


I ate the tinned potatoes


  1. Sam

    He looks such a lovely grandad, a ‘proper’ grandad out of a children’s picture book even down to his not dressing down for the beach. I love your fond memories of him.

    Happy Homebird x

  2. ali

    He sounds a lovely Grandad and how nice to go to all the disney films with him. I remember Caters too 🙂 very nice Supermarket in the good old days!!!
    Grandparents are so wonderful, I was lucky enough to have 4 lovely grandparents but my 2 children have only one who sadly doesn’t hit the mark due to his lovely (not) wife but hey never mind but it does make me sad as memories like yours are so special.

    I love the chairs too, but tinned potatoes no can’t say anything nice about those (grimace at screen!) xxxx

  3. Julia Young

    I have similar memories of my Grandad George….the photo really made me smile as he also wore brown slacks and a white shirt nearly every day of the time I knew him. I also have a weird love of tinned potatoes…strange how alike some Grandads can be 🙂 I really love this post and have chair envy now xxx

  4. mothersalwaysright

    Your granddad sounds like truly brilliant. These are the experiences that memories are made of. My own granddad (Dada) was similar in not dressing down for the beach. He would sit on his deckchair, with his trousers rolled up and a hanky with the corners tied into knots placed firmly on his head.
    P.S. I love those chairs.

  5. mrsshortie

    What a lovely post, you have such fond memories of your grandad it is so nice to read. It made me remember my grandparents and the times we used to spend a week with them in the summer holidays.

  6. Jennypaulin @ mummy mishaps

    Aww what a lovely post about your grandad. I bet cooking you that feast and taking you to the cinema, was the highlight of his week/month. I also love the fact that you have those chairs that’s just wonderful for you and your memories of him xx

  7. mumsarcade

    One of my very fave posts from some lovely ones in the Gallery this week. What a lovely thing to share Disney films with someone important like your grandfather. I like the continuation theme in the tinned potatoes and the chairs.

  8. SAHMlovingit

    I always love your Gallery posts Gemma, I love the memories and feelings you share in them and this is no exception. My Grandad always wore shirts and trousers (and ties and vest tops with blazers). I love how that generation were always seen on the beach in that sort of gear too. Lovely stuff x

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