Silent Sunday


  1. Little fella and us

    Great photo! Love old sweets like that. I’m trying to upload mine & it’s also sweetie related. WordPress via iPhone ain’t my friend today! x

  2. fastandluce

    *grabs car keys and heads straight to Moreton in Marsh where there is a shop just like this*! (comes back with Lemon Sherberts, Vanilla Butter Fudge and a bag of various pick and mix) X

  3. Midlife Singlemum

    I remember buying a little bag of chocolate coated bonbons from jars like that. Also lemon and pear drops. And mint humbugs. Ooh I love a trip down memory stomach.

  4. Emma

    Someone is obviously very fond of the chocolate raisins! This brought back some great memories of paper bags filled with sherbert pips and squirrel nuts (chocolate covered toffees)…hence the reason I have so many fillings now I expect!! Emma 🙂

  5. helloitsgemma

    thanks for all the lovely comments – seems everyone loves old fashioned sweets – was in the shop and saw the lovely display and thought how nice it looked so whipped out my phone!
    I was buying chocolate tea…..

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