Redundancy One Month On

A month has passed and I am now waving from my redundancy bubble; “Hello world!”
Inside the bubble life is relaxed, we have the luxury of time and boy does that feel good. Work versus home often pitched against each other in terms of time available. Now, I’m slowly getting through all the things that have been on the ‘to do’ list for an age. The house is clean, the fridge is stocked, the ‘working mother’ me constantly struggled to maintain that effectively.

How am I doing on my goals I set myself a month ago?
The consumer aspect; shopping for basics, not entering Waitrose (twice only doesn’t count, OK?), or shopping malls has been easy. The time available has meant I’ve been baking and making better family meals, strawberrry cupcakes and  homemade pizza. That sort of stuff makes life taste better.
I haven’t made a curry (that was my Waitrose #fail).

As for redundancy not being personal, as I posted (here) there have been on going ‘issues’ with work and that hasn’t been easy, I don’t feel they played ‘nicely’
but I’ve turned that subject over and made my decision or ‘bed to lie in’ depending on your point of view.

I am aware that I am very much in a bubble, my world has shrunk, both in terms of everyday interaction and because I choose to walk rather than drive, mostly I stay in my neighbourhood. I am happy in my own company and the company of my family. I like my tiny world. It’s a world I’ve stepped into through different periods of my life, this time it has the added bonus of family and that is my principal focus and I am indulging myself and us. I know that this is an indulgence and that this is a bubble, because the big reality is I don’t have a job and I will need one. I haven’t declared all out war on finding a job, I’m more on a hill observing the battle, throwing the odd hand grenade. It looks fairly grim from up here. I know at some point I am going to have to charge down that hill all guns blazing and hope I come out the other side with a medal for my efforts.

In the meantime, all is good in the neighbourhood and time to enjoy summer.



  1. Mrs Turk

    İf that’s a photo of your neighbourhood, it looks a wonderful one in which to stroll for a while. That hill you’re going to have to climb? Strawberry cupcakes are a super strength giver, you know 😉 enjoy!

  2. SAHMlovingit

    That bubble sounds perfect to me Gemma. I’m also sure that you will get every medal going for your efforts eventually, in the meantime I’m glad you’re enjoying your world, however small x

  3. daveystruds

    An interesting outlook and I would say positive one. Getting your life/home/work balance right is so hard and most of us muck it up. Great to see your enjoying your time while you can and hope you find the right job with the right balance when it’s the right time for you x

  4. The Mad House

    I have to say that I prefer staying in my own little bubble a lot of the time. I find it really hard to make friends (yes I know I am odd) and in truth my family are my best mates.

  5. Blue Sky

    Love the look of yur neighbourhood 🙂 and isn’t summer the perfect time to ease back on the job hunting anyway? My experience is that September is a much better time to be looking and nearly all my jobs started around then x

  6. Ditzy Mummy

    Sounds lovely in your bubble. Been meaning to leave a comment for a while about the redundancy job issues. I applied for my part-time job whilst on maternity leave with my second son, they advertised it as part-time and it was my ideal job. I left my full time (working 5 days in 4) as I wanted better work-life balance. There are part-time jobs out there but another way is that if you see full-time jobs advertised, call up and ask if they would consider part-time, especially in the public / vol sector at the moment with the public spending cuts. Or, do you know someone that could do a job-share which some more progressive orgs might consider as its means they get 2 brains doing the job rather than 1. Hope that helps.

  7. Kirsty

    We had a Waitrose in Durham, briefly. Not enough people shopped there so it closed. This was a good thing for me, as when I went in there I ended up spending loads of money on small amounts of very delicious food.

    The bubble sounds very familiar to me. Mostly, I like it.

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