Sofa Cinema – July

Welcome to my sofa, sit down, this is the place I catch up on films now days. I’m always a few months behind because most of what I watch is on DVD, but this month I have been to the ‘actual’ cinema, I’m still a few weeks behind the pack but I feel almost ‘up to date’. So this is what I’ve been watching.


This was a trip to the ‘actual’ cinema, with a group of female friends and my only advice would be, if you have not seen this film – GO!
It is a grown up girls film. Hilarious and outrageous. The sort of film that has the audience not just laughing but found myself talking to the film saying “Oh My God” and “Noooooo”. Written by women, starring a woman who is not Hollywood archetype, things don’t got right, they go wrong and then wrong again. The pretty one, the type that Hollywood films are usually full of, all that ‘pretty equals success’ stuff. Not in this film. Wonderful laugh out loud film, what can be better than that?

Another Year

British film, written and directed by Mike Leigh the film is divided in four seasons and follows the life of Gerri and Tom a very happily married couple in their 50’s, it centres around their relationships with various friends and family. Particularly, Gerri’s friend from work the hapless Mary.
Mike Leigh films usually have a slightly tragic character and Mary fulfils this role in this film. The film reflects the various seasons and by Winter is almost black and white. I didn’t find this film very up lifting, it slowly burns and but the acting is excellent and I did get caught up with the lives of the characters. It has a lot of say about later life and how things pan out for different individuals. It seemed to suggest that being in a relationship is the route to happiness. I guess life doesn’t work out for everyone, but not sure I need reminding of that.

The Town

This was on my DVD list purely because it was Pete Postlethwaite’s last film. He has a small but significant role. Ben Affleck is a likeable bank robber, surrounded by less likeable types, robbing banks. I found it extremely tense and very watchable. Rebecca Hall plays the love interest but something about her part didn’t quite come together for me, I felt she needed a friend, and that was a significant gap in the story which didn’t quite work for me. Probably just my opinion.

Made in Dagenham

I’d wanted to see this film for ages, I wanted to get organised and see it at the cinema but of course, I didn’t. Cinema is a rare thing for me.
Based on the true story of the women machinists at the Ford Dagenham Plant. Great late 60’s clothing and look to the film. Great cast of familiar faces and a story of women challenging the system. What’s not to like? However, the day I’d watched it, I’d read a newspaper article concerning the impact of the recession on women, particularly the issue of child care. I watched the latter part of the film feeling terribly sad and wondering how much has actually changed? I’d love to know what over people thought?

My film of the month; Bridesmaids, of course!
So, what have you been watching?


  1. Julia Skinner

    We’re not great cinema goers. In fact now that Lord of the rings & Harry Potter have both finished we’re unlikely to ever go again. We rarely (no never) hire a DVD just go through our old ones. You’ve freshened my taste for it though!

  2. Melksham Mum

    Really want to see Bridesmaids but never get to the cinema these days (unless for the kids) so I need to get organised and plan a girl’s trip. Hubby doesn’t do films, tsk!

  3. Andrea

    Took the kids to see Harry Potter on Tuesday. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Sad to see the end of the series. No doubt it will be bought on DVD and watched over and over!
    Also watched Piranha on sky movies last night! Laugh, it was funny (don’t think it’s supposed to be a comedy though) teen slash movie, an updated Jaws, you really just need to go with it. Oh and the only time it made me jump (and lol) was towards the end.
    Haven’t seen Bridesmaids but from all I’ve heard I must set a date.

    1. helloitsgemma

      Not sure fish one is up my street but I like to think I’m a broad church – so perhaps I should consider. Honestly, Harry potter – never read books – never seen films. Totally passed me by. Expect my son will discover when he is bigger and I will get into several years after the event. Thanks for comment x

  4. SAHMlovingit

    I was supposed to go see Bridesmaids at the cinema tonight with my best mate but I’m poorly – boooo! She’s already seen it but wants to go again as she said it was hilarious.

    I saw Made in Dagenham the other month and, like you, felt quite sad. Definitely has an edge of grittiness and sadness to it but I did really enjoy it.

  5. Flora

    I agree Another Year was just too grim. Made me feel miserable. This month I also watched Black Swan. Watched it on my own and spent the last bit behind a cushion. Felt so disturbed by it. It’s a great, weird and wonderful film.

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