Things I did this Summer

I’m Listography-ing again. This summer has been fairly pivotal for me, how to reduce it to five things I did this summer?

1. June
June was flat-out, it began in Cornwall with a fantastic family holiday, which changed my view of group holidays; I’m now a fan. A brief solo trip to Spain with girlfriends.

CyberMummy which was equally overwhelming and amazing. It turned my twitter stream, into real life people with voices and personalities.

It was also my birthday and all those lovely bloggers made it very special. At the end of June I was made redundant……
2. Redundancy

final work day celebrations

I’ve faced redundancy before, but this time I have many more commitments, but it’s given me a summer ‘off’, time to think and do, its given me precious time….
3. Time
This summer, I’ve not worked and I have had time. Time to myself, time to work through lists of things that had been sidelined. I’ve baked cakes and cooked proper meals. I’ve walked my son to nursery. Hell, I’ve even cleaned under the bed. Because I had time, I’ve had time with my son and we’ve had days out…

4. Days out
We have had some brilliant day’s out this summer; seaside, museum, zoo, art, park. Mostly, the sun shone but as the air gets cooler, we’ve had a good summer. We’ve made the most of it and I’ve loved spending time with my son….

5. My Son
This summer, I’ve had time to watch him grow to listen to his ever expanding vocabulary, to get involved in his imagination.

We’ve had our moments, but I’ve had time to encourage and praise, to enjoy doing things together. It’s been thrilling is to see his confidence develop, his co-ordination improved and he likes climbing. At the beginning of the summer he wasn’t that keen on slides, by the end of the summer he happily tackled any size slide.

The Autumn is a brings the challenge of finding a new job, it’s a slightly daunting prospect but hey, if he can do slides, then bring it on….
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  1. janeblackmore

    I feel his love of slides was finally completed by me tumbling down a rather large one with him.

    Its a shame you didn’t mention clifton park by name, I am sure the PR would have gotton in touch with some free tokens for the Canoes…….

  2. Amy

    All the best with the job hunt. It’s a numbers game remember, it won’t be the right one until it’s the right one…. heck you could always move somewhere completely different – I know you mentioned it!? I rate New York 😉 Seriously – all the best and good luck XXXXX

  3. Rebecca English

    Sounds like you’ve really made the most of your time with your son, and made the most of a difficult situation. Love the tiger picture and the one of the slide – that is so brave. Think I’d be a bit scared going down there.
    Good luck for the job hunting.

  4. Jennypaulin @ mummy mishaps

    Well quality time with your gorgeous boy is some compensation for being made redundant. I wish you luck on the job front, but like youneat you need to look at t as a big slide you need to come down and if your son can do it you will too.
    Your photos are wonderful, some lovely memories to treasure xx

  5. Smiling Like I Mean It

    hi Gemma, thanks for your lovely comment over on my blog. hope your own job search is progressing (i was also in the voluntary sector, hoping to stay there if – no, when – i get a job!). Love the slide picture, it and the background look familiar – its not in the Lake District is it? C x

  6. Gillian Flegg

    Positivity all across the page, I love this Gemma. Job, “Daunting” maybe… possible? Absolutely, don’t you just know it?

    I feel lifted reading your blog. So calming, natural and grounded. All strengths you would want to employ.

  7. Helen H

    Love that you’ve put time on your list – it’s so precious. I’m on maternity leave with my second and really appreciating being able to spend more time with my eldest who was going to a childminder while I was at work.

  8. Alison (@plus2point4)

    Love the way you linked each item.Redundancy sucks but at least you filled your time by making the most with your son during the holidays.I would of gone down that slide 😉

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