Sofa Cinema – August

Rain is battering the windows, leaves are being whipped off the trees by the wind. It feels as if Autumn has arrived thrown off its coat and settled in. The BBQ is packed away it’s time for evenings on the sofa with a DVD. As usual, a lack of a babysitters and cash means we’ve been watching DVD’s through August. Here’s what we’ve been watching, it might give you some ideas for September viewing as the evenings draw in and as usual, if you have a suggestion of a film or a view on these drop a comment in the box.

This month we watched;

This is right up my street, British, independent, comic. I’d never heard of it and it was a pleasant surprise. Set in Wales is concerns teenage angst in an Adrian Mole style, the story of Oliver Tate and his general school failings and obsession with a local girl. It’s gentle and funny.

This film stars Javier Bardem, it’s a Spanish film set in Barcelona. It’s directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu who directed Babel which stared Brad Pitt and Cate Blancette and frankly, wasn’t a particularly cheery film. This film was chosen by Mr Noo, it is on the gritty side of grim. It is brilliantly acted and very powerful. I am sure an honest portrayal of the darker side of Barcelona, grinding poverty and the struggle that presents.
I couldn’t sit through it, I found it too distressing. Sometimes, you want to watch something cheery. We recommended it to friends who watched it over two evenings and thought it brilliant. It is, but it’s a hard watch.

The Kings Speech
I am very late to the party I know, but we hadn’t seen it. Sat down with not much expectation, I thought I’d like it, but actually, I really fell for it, we both did. It’s tender, emotional and intimate, not what I was expecting. I’m not sure what I was expecting. Thought I’d like it, found I loved it.

Etre Et Avoir
This film dates from 2003. It’s one of Mr Noo’s favourites. A French documentary which unfolds, without commentary, initially I wasn’t sure what I was watching. Essentially a documentary about a group of children in a small rural school. Ever wondered what your child does in another setting? nursery or school? this gives you clues. It’s about the children and their teacher. It is perfect and a big recommend.

What did you watch?


  1. Jane Langan (@MuddynoSugar)

    Loved Submarine, read the book first and the film is pretty close, it’s directed by the not Irish one from the IT crowd. Loved the Kings Speech, thought it couldn’t be as good as the all the hype but it was. I will have to give the other two a go x

  2. claire at crumbs

    i LOVED etre et avoir, I saw it at the cinema when it first came out and I was in a position to pop out and see whichever subtitled film had just come out – those were the days! So, typically, still haven’t seen Kings Speech. I thought it might just be normal good brit fare, but your review makes me really want to see it!

  3. Primrose Hill

    Loved The King’s Speech (we were late to that one, too – it’s so hard to get to the cinema when you’ve got a little one, especially justifying the cost). Thought Submarine was good, too. We’re relying a lot on LoveFilm at the moment, though depressingly we only ever seem to have time to watch a film a week!

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