Sofa Cinema – September

This is my month DVD/film post. September has been a bit of an odd month DVD/Film watching wise, so please forgive me.

Star Trek

We have a Love Film membership, I add things to my list, mostly with a bit of analysis. Sometimes, something odd comes over me and when the following film fell onto my doormat, I did wonder why; Star Trek, the one with Simon Pegg. Mr Noo was not impressed, he prefers something with subtitles, preferably on the gritty side of reality. Sci-fi is not for him. I thought there must be some reason why I picked this – I couldn’t think what it was. I settled down with confidence, assuring him he’d enjoy it. He lasted 15 minutes and that first 15 minutes it all seemed OK, fairly exciting. But actually, I was bored and the main plot centres around a black hole. Which I didn’t really ‘get’ therefore the rest of the film was a fairly ‘black hole’ for me. Am sure lots of people love this, but it wasn’t for us. A random choice, so what did I expect.

Eat Pray Love

Haven’t read the book, didn’t know much about it.
I struggle a little bit with Hollywood actresses that I know are in there early 40’s playing love lost 30 year olds, or maybe it’s because I am no longer an angst ridden 30 year old that I struggled to relate to it. In this instance; Julia Roberts.
Obviously, there’s much more to the ‘story’ in the book and I suspect from book to screen it lost something. Because it did seem every time she met a bloke, that was it boom, great, fall in love, move in. All seems fine, then she leaves – err why?
Her marriage seems OK, but she’s outa there in a flash, then she meets another guy and boom straight in there and then boom straight out again.
The crunch of the film – the travel bit, Italy, India and Bali is fairly entertaining, if not hugely engaging, but her character didn’t grab me and I watched with a friend and wine and for me there is always that temptation to make a comment and before you know it, your both commenting and not really taking it seriously because the wine and wit has taken over.
Didn’t warm to it. Seemed to be missing something.

Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman stars and this is a film that had some how completely passed me by. Sat down to watch it with no real idea of what it is about. It explores the relationship and lives of a couple whose 4 year old son has died and those around them. It’s brilliantly acted and a very good film, it is sad, of course. I would recommend it but imagine from the subject matter it may not appeal.

I don’t know how she does it

Finally, I went to the cinema to see this. I know the reviews were awful but I wanted to see the take on ‘working mothers’. I could write several hundred words on the various ‘clichés’ in this film that undermines; working mothers, working fathers, parents, it is really offensive to stay at home mothers, single career women – oh I could go on. The fact that it seems to place the satirical ‘issues’ with disorganised working mothers, the pressures of having children and wanting to work. When actually, the problem is inflexible business practices that fail to recognise people have a life beyond work, but there’s not a lot funny in that. But there wasn’t a lot funny in ‘I don’t know how she does it’ either.

And in my opinion SJP can’t act.

Please recommend me some films, I need it. If you subscribe to this blog, thank you and can I apologise for the ‘crap’ service, WordPress and I have had some technical fallings out, which has meant things have been published before I intended.


  1. Ditzy Mummy

    I havent’ seen I don’t know how she does it as I loved the book but from the publicity I was suprised that SJP looked so glamorous for a working mother. I know that if I’ve managed to put on something for work that doesn’t have snot / sick / milk etc on it I’m going ok. I thought it looked unrealistic. Agree with you about business and working practice.

  2. Flora

    We too have a Love Film membership and other half always complains at random selection of films that come through our door. Been feeling bit exhausted recently so I needed a film requiring no brain cells – went for Morning Glory with Diane Keaton who I love. Very trashy film but secretly enjoyed it. Also watched True Grit. Thought I’d hate it; picked it under duress. Amazing. Highly recommend.

  3. I Heart Motherhood

    You’ve probably seen these but as I knew I wouldn’t be watching many films when the new baby came I was glad to watch two good ones before he arrived – The Reader and An Education. I didn’t know what they were about and I was glad I hadn’t heard any hype or bad reviews and that they both turned out to be excellent. I didn’t get around to reading a book as well before he arrived so that’ll be on hold for another 9 months I’m sure! 😉

  4. SAHDandproud

    You want funny and silly? How about A Town Called Panic? A french film made by the people who do the crazy animation for the Cravendale milk ads. Kids’ll love it too. DVD only, not Blu-Ray. Lovefilm have it if you’re a member. Hilarious.

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