I’m still here

Today is the first anniversary of the ‘launch’ of this blog. On this date last year I sat at an old PC in the corner of my attic and fought with WordPress to produce a post ‘Why am I here‘. My hope was this would be an outlet for a ‘lost’ bit of me. It’s fulfilled that wish, this blog as given me space to stretch my brain, develop new interests and share things that are important to me (cheesy but true).

I wanted to ‘connect’ with other mums and other women, I was working 4 days a week at the time, none of my immediate colleagues had children of a similar age to my son. I felt as if life was made up of two halves, work and being a parent, and that was it. Because I worked 4 days I wasn’t spending much time with other parents, I felt isolated. It’s difficult to go into work and say; ‘I’ve been up since five and I feel trashed’ and ‘does anyone else have a view on the new Cbeebies schedule for bedtime hour?’, which was where my head was at.

Blogging has been a fantastic opportunity to connect with other bloggers and other parents. Male and female. I have been able to step out of the virtual work and into the real world and have ‘actual’ cups of tea with real life people I’ve met through blogging. Wonderful people I now consider to be friends. I am extremely grateful for that. Last June I attended CyberMummy and met many other bloggers, it was, initially, slightly overwhelming meeting ‘new’ people who, in fact, you all ready know an awful lot about already (wine at 11 am helped considerably). Actually, there’s no need for small talk, clearly it was; ‘friends you haven’t met yet’. I’ve gained a lot from reading other people’s blogs, learnt about lives, issues, parenting. Thank you fellow bloggers. Huge thank you to every person who has read this blog over the past year. For all the amazing and gratefully received comments, which have often touched my heart. Big Big thank you to everyone who subscribes and likes; I never imagined anyone would and very much appreciate that you do.

If out there in Cyber Space your reading this and thinking; “I wonder if I should start a blog?” DO. DO. DO. It’s a wonderful journey. But it may take over your life.

Thank you!



  1. Emily (@AMummyToo)

    Hurrah! Well done! Congrats! And cake all round! 🙂 Totally understand your reasoning for starting this blog – I started mine last month for similar reasons. Well done for keeping going and building for a whole year – here’s to the next one!

  2. Midlife Singlemum

    Happy Blogiversary! And thank you for being there when I started my blog 9 months ago. You were one of my first blog-friends and gave me so much advice and encouragement. I’ve loved reading you over the months and sharing your journey, learning from your sensible and open-minded approach to life. I hope we will meet one day but even if we don’t, you have become a part of my life and as real as any of my conventionally-met friends. I look forward to another year of sharing. Lots of love, Rachel xxx

  3. Honest Mum

    Congrats lovely on your blogiversary. I’m so glad you started it a year ago. You write so intelligently and often move me. Great to have met in real life too. Here’s to many more years x

  4. Musings from a Mum

    Congratulations! I hope it make it to the first anniversary… but really nice to hear how blogging has helped you voice that bit of yourself that so often stays stuck in our heads!

  5. seasiderinthecity

    Congrats on your blogoversary! I felt exactly the same starting out – working full time so never met up with other mums and just getting odd looks at work when talking about my life!

    I love this little community 🙂

  6. Bibsey Mama

    Happy Blogday! Yours was one of the first blogs that I started reading when I started writing… if you know what I mean. You are a friendly face in cyberspace. Thank you.


  7. Super Amazing Mum

    Always late to the party, but better late than never 😉

    So glad you made it to a year and so glad to have met you virtually and in the flesh! Look forward to more meet ups

    Love S.A.M xx

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