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This is me, these are the lines that radiate, like rays from the sun, from my eyes when I smile. This is ageing, this is my face. We live in a society in which beauty equates to youth. Media images of women are, generally, thin and young. Perfect bodies and faces, perfect by youth or perfect by photoshop. Some women pay good money to remove lines like mine. What makes a face? the shape of the features or something that reflects from within, gives you something of that person. These are my lines, a life lived, part of my face. Part of me.


  1. bluebirdsunshine

    We so rarely see photos of people’s, in particular women’s, faces close up, everyone is so quick to censor bits they don’t like. So refreshing to see your pic this week. Love it!

  2. Mum2babyinsomniac

    Ahhh I love that you are proud of your lines. There is nothing worse than women trying to hide the fact they are ageing, I look at Arlene Phillips fce now and feel so sad for her that she felt the need to have surgery. I think it’s so important for our children to grow up knowing that getting old isn’t something to worry about x

  3. Multiple Mummy

    I think those line represent you history like the rings on a tree trunk! They make you you and shows that you have had laughter and good time in your life. Why erase those memories! Now frown line I get! x

  4. marisworld

    Hello you! Lovely lines. I take it botox is not your thing then either? I love it when I meet people – women especially who embrace who they are and their looks. Sometimes (on a bad day) I hate my lines but for the most part I’m ok with them
    Great post

  5. Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy

    Aww, what a lovely post. You be proud of those lines, they say that you’ve lived. And be proud that you had to guts to post the pictures of them too.

  6. Jules Young (@muddleduck)

    You have a wonderful, beautiful face. The perfect faces are the ones that aren’t afraid to show themselves instead of hiding behind nips, tucks and chemical peels….. x

  7. The Boy and Me (@TheBoyandMe)

    Every week you manage to show a fresh take on the theme, no wonder Tara loves your Gallery link-ups, so do I! Really fabulous photograph showing a life lived in happiness.

  8. Jenny paulin

    Well hello Gemma! Up close and personal pic thee but I love it! And I so agree with your words. Yes it’s not nice getting lines but those lines tell a story of our life and show that we have lived and experienced many things., great take on the theme xx

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