Sofa Cinema – October

A little bit late; Welcome to my sofa cinema. This is the space once a month when I share watch Mr Noo and I have been watching on DVD. We don’t get to the cinema often, but we do enjoy DVD’s at home, consequently we are often months behind the current ‘must see’ film. Hopefully, it might give others ideas of ones to watch (and things to avoid). What’s best is getting recommendations from other people, so feel free to comment away – what have you been watching?

Firstly we’ve been catching up with the Stieg Larsson films of the book (of course, I never actually read the books).

The girl who played with fire
A while ago we watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Mr Noo had read the book. We both enjoyed it but it’s dark and fairly grim in subject matter.
This month we finally got around to finishing the trilogy. Firstly, The Girl who Played with Fire. A year has elapsed from the end of the previous film (book). The two main characters are still Lisbeth (with her Dragon Tattoo) and Mikael (with his magazine). He’s onto a story and incidentally Lisbeth becomes implicated. I was utterly captivated, it’s not as grim as the previous film. I was touch confused by various Swedish names which meant I got a little confused by the characters but that is probably just me, a great story, Lisbeth is brilliant. I breathed sign of relief for Lisbeth at the end……

The girl who kicked a Hornets’ Nest
Carries immediately on from Girl who played with fire, Mr Noo insisted we hire it for the following evening (as I said he’d read the book). The basis of the plot is laid out in the previous film. This film builds on that; Lisbeth is caught in a conspiracy, so my sigh of relief is short lived. It’s a great thriller, tense with twists and turns to the plot and throughout a sort of brooding threat in the background, which makes it very tense. I think this was my favourite of the three.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Am a bit of fan of Javier Bardem (an uber cool, smoochable Spanish actor), he could, in my eyes, open a tin and it be perfection.
I’d forgetten that Woody Allen is cool too and he Directors. This is set in Barcelona and Oviedo in Spain, two of my favourite places. It was all stacking up before we’d even pressed ‘play’. We liked this, it’s gentle, amusing and great for a Friday night relax. Two very different friends a trip to Spain for the Summer, love interest and crazy ex. wife in the shape of Penelope Cruz.

Third Star
This is a British Film stars Benedict Cumberbatch and it’s about an ill-fated trip with 3 friends, knowing he’s dying of cancer. I found the characters cheesy and predictable, they didn’t pull me in. Maybe it was a ‘bro-mance’ film and as a female viewer, it didn’t work? Mr Noo wouldn’t watch it to the end. I don’t know why I sat through it. I didn’t care about any of them, which given the main character is terminally ill is fairly poor. Awful.

Get Low
I loved this film. It’s a period piece set in the back hills of America and initially seems it might develop into a fairly dark tale. It’s wonderfully acted, the story is based on real events, and old man, living as a hermit at the end of his life with a secret, who organises his own funeral. It stars Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek. Perfect, captivating, life affirming, wonderful, left me in tears by happy. Obviously, my film of the month.

What would you recommend?


  1. Fiona Cooper (@nlpmum)

    Get Low was wonderful and I must watch Vicky Christina Barcelona – it’s been on my list for ages – in fact must get around to watching a movie some time soon – we watch most of ours on BT Vision and thought it would replace Love Film – but the selection ain’t great – might have to join up again.

  2. Abby

    I really need to rent and rewatch Vicky Christina Barcelona. It was a baby and mum movie at our local cinema, and so I missed about 1/3 of it chasing after my son, but I remember loving the bits I did catch! x

  3. Icklebabe_com

    Ohh love this that last film sounds great. Will defo tryand catch that. I loved Vicky Christina barcelonia too, really great acting, directing and location. Warning tho , other half hated it ( to chick flicky ) so maybe one to watch with friends 😉

  4. Alexander residence

    Enjoyed the girl who played with fire trilogy too. My surprisingly good but mainstream film of the month was chalet girl. Will add the others to my Love film list, cheers!

  5. Midlife Singlemum

    I used tro have a subscription to the Jerusalem Cinemateque (an arthouse cinema) and loved to see sometimes three films in one day. Now I don’t get further than Dr Phil and Holby City. Sad but true. This is probably not going to change in the near future but I just wanted you to know that I’m still with you on the NaBloPoMo.

  6. michelletwinmum

    Not seen any of those you mentioned. We had the girl with the Dragon Tatto but I did nto enjoy so probably would not continue along those lines.

    I tend to watch cheese mostly, saw Sex & the City 2 last night and Footloose at the Cinema the other week, both were easy watchers but is what I mostly go for along with Thrillers.

    Mich x

  7. Mamabearuk

    Oooh I shall be ordering Get Low soon then. We have Surfwise lined up for tomorrow night following your recommendation. I had read about it a few years back and had forgotten about it.

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