My kitchen ceiling

This is a post about kitchen ceiling. My kitchen is a tiny ‘off-shot’, its North facing and I wouldn’t say it was the hub of the house, but it used to be a pokey, dark room that needed a light on most of the year but now it’s a light airy to a space.
When I moved into this house it was untouched since the 1940’s. I’d watched a lot of DIY SOS and had a view that all builders are enthusiastic, cheery and arrive on time in a group with matching fleeces. I decided to undertake a renovation of the entire house. Everything got ripped out and replaced. I managed to employ builders who fell into a different camp from those on DIY SOS. My experience of builders is, I imagine, similar to herding cats, never where you want them to be, unfamiliar with any kind of direction. It was a stressful period. However, I ploughed on, the back of the house was dark and my brilliant idea was to knock the kitchen through to the dinning area and take out the kitchen ceiling, open it up to roof and put velux windows in. Which dully happened. Then the man from building regulations arrived, decided he didn’t like it and informed me the ceiling had to go back in and he wasn’t discussing it further. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I rang his department and sobbed and (amazingly) they agreed to my changes with some extra work via a structural engineer. I decided to employ the sob/crying tactic more often and how much more cooperative the builders became when faced with a weeping woman. I have a tiny but bright and airy kitchen and in the mornings when the sun is out sunshine streams through and lights the whole back of the house. I am Nick Knowles.







  1. Shell Louise (@shell1207)

    I wish we could do something like that in our kitchen. I have to have the light on all day and even then it’s not bright enough when I’m cooking because the light is behind me.
    I long for the day when we can afford a totally new kitchen, designed by a clever someone who knows about these things who will give me tons of storage and loads of light!

  2. Ali

    The woman card sobbing or otherwise is always good to have in your back pocket. Whip it out when you need it and put it back when you don’t 😉

    Lovely airy kitchen and I would have sobbed too if the nasty man from building reg’s said I had to put my ceiling back!!!

    P.s My Dad and brother own a building firm!!! 🙂

  3. itsamumsworld

    Oh wow, good on you for your perseverance! I think maybe I need to use tears, as normally if I don’t get my way I turn into someone horrible and deploy the ‘only child spoilt strop’ technique, and I don’t like it when I become that person! x

  4. Jules Young (@muddleduck)

    The next time the builder guy who is doing my loft room comes round (which will be god knows when) I shall employ this tactic in order to get him to bloody finish it! It’s been going on for well over a year now and I’m so pissed off with having dirty boot marks up the stairs and half drunk bottles of coke left all over the place…..can’t wait to have my house back!
    I love the colour of your kitchen by the way, it looks lovely and warm! xx

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