Because I’m a Girl

Seasider Claire has blogged about The Plan.

The Plan is a campaign to raise awareness of the number of girls whose births are never registered and in doing so are denied access to education and opportunities because of this small step. 75 millions girls around the world aren’t in school, this lack of education not only holds back those girls it, it holds back their communities, their future children, the economy of their Countries.

It’s a huge issue, as a woman I think it’s important to raise awareness of this. The Plan have a creative little app, it connects to Facebook and takes your details to reflect how different your life might be, try it here. I found it actually very moving and it really made me reflect on the opportunities I’ve had. Have a go post it to your Facebook wall and spread the word.

What the little video learn a little bit more about The Plan, it’s an important campaign. Pass it on.


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