Sofa Cinema – November

A little late but here is my monthly Sofa Cinema, the space in which I share what I’ve been watching and love to hear what other people recommend. In the last month I’ve re-watched a couple of things I’d seen previously, because I loved them so; Bridesmaids (which I am intending to watch again next week) and Get Low.

TT Closer to the Edge

This month Dear Mr Noo brought TT Closer to the Edge. Which my son who is nearly 4 loves because it’s about motorbikes. However, it is not actually suitable for a nearly 4 year old; deaths/crashes/swearing. It’s a documentary about the Isle Man TT races, all roaring motorbikes and speed, speed, speed. It’s brilliantly filmed and centres around Guy Martin’s bid to win. Guy is an odd but engaging character, he likes motorbikes and wanking and that appears to be his main interests. The TT averages 5 deaths per mile and it run on the Isle of Man’s narrow streets and winding country roads, much of the action is filmed from the perspective of the riders but the film also explores their partners and the people of the Isle Man and their relationship with the TT. It’s fascinating documentary and really worth watching and not just for motorbike enthusiasts.

Coco before Chanel

The story of Coco Channel before she began designing clothes, staring Audrey Tautou. The film gives insight to the character and the events that created the driving force that become Coco Chanel fashion designer and icon. How accurate it is I don’t know. But it has wonderful period scenes and costumes. I thought the relationship between Coco and English man Arthur Capel was very sexy. It reinforced how ahead of her time she was, Audrey Tautou looked fabulous in clothes I’d happily wear. The final scene of a stream of models in gorgeous Chanel descending a mirrored staircase while Coco looks on and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Arthur Christmas

This was a Christmas trip to the cinema for a Christmas movie. I thought it was clever, imaginative and funny. Three generations of the Santa family at Christmas; Grandfather Santa, Santa, Santa sons and lovely Margret (Mrs Santa) and millions of elves. Hi-tech Santa gets all the toys delivered but something is a miss and Arthur in traditional style saves the day. However, my nearly 4 year old wasn’t completely captured, I think some of it was beyond his understanding and perhaps at 4 he was a little bit to young, it ends in Cornwall and even the temptation that his Grandmother might suddenly appear (a lie I made up to keep him in his seat) wasn’t enough and I struggled to get him to sit through to the end. His verdict: too much bashing.

That’s what I’ve been watching. How about you?


  1. Honest Mum

    Great reviews, really enjoyed this. The doc sounds fascinating if not a bit gory. I loved Bridesmaids too and as soon as the blasted dvd player is fixed, I intend on buying: brilliantly funny and penned and starring a fabulous woman at the helm-what’s not to love!

  2. Alexander Residence

    I watched half of Bridesmaids last night, too busy chatting with friends who had seen it, so I will watch it again too, was hilarious, what I could hear anyway! Love your round ups, dead helpful!

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