Curry Day Zero and Happy New Cheesecake

After a long on/off relationship with New Years eve, a relationship in which I felt pressured and nagged into ‘having a good time’; sometimes it was good, sometimes excellent and sometimes mediocre. New Year’s eve and I have come to a new nirvana of simple pleasures. For the second year we spent New Year’s eve as a family with good friends, children stayed up late and the adults ate curry and enjoyed refreshing G&T’s and sparkling prosecco. Finally, I made a curry, something I have long planned to do (from Anjum Anand website) and I also made cheesecake; a Lemon Cheesecake Possets courtesy of Jamie Oliver. Possets are individual creamy puddings according to Jamie (who knew?). Thus ticking off two of my Day Zero intentions and entering 2012 having overcome twin kitchen fears, expect curry followed by citrus cheesecake galore in 2012.

Happy New Cheesecake.


  1. Mamabearuk

    Oooh day zero project looks fun. Am going to look into it. We ordered a massive chinese and watched Surfwise which sounds lame but was perfect as had spent the day with L at the aquarium and beach so were shattered.

  2. Ali

    Oh that looks scumptious, it’s 8.40 in the morning and now toast isn’t going to look so appealing 🙂

    Making a good curry is on my list too, though yesterday I did make homemade chicken soup for the first time (sorry I know your veggie) which succeeded in the promise of what a good chicken soup should offer. Oh and savoury muffins another first and very delicious!

    So may our New Year continue in the vein of our culinary success in all other parts of our lives xxxx

    Happy New Year x

  3. PollyBurns2

    That all looks really yum. Those chillies look a bit scarey though! Never tried to make a curry from scratch but might have to do that. Should really make a day zero list too, I did think about it when I read about yours last year, but never got round to it. Another resolution for the list! Px

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