5 minutes to myself

*takes a deep breath* after the frantic build up to Christmas, the day it’s self, which was perfect and the busy doing nothing period between Christmas and New Year, I feel at last that I have a moment to myself. The house is empty except for me, I have some time, to catch up, to slow down, to be, to think. To please just me.

I return to my blog and together we embark on our journey through 2012. At this point in 2011 I had little idea what huge changes the year would bring and while I can take many positives from 2011, 2012 has to be different. For 2012 I need change. I want much from this year. I am someone who generally lacks planning, a go with the flow kind of a gal, but this is my plan and my direction and I need to make it happen;

New Job.
Move house.
School for Noo.

Three things, fairly small on the page, but large in life. To be honest, I’m intimidated by the challenges ahead. In the meantime, I’m drinking more water and green tea in an effort to boast my energy and focus (can it be that easy?) and am in the process of writing lists and plans but that maybe procrastination in another guise.

What’s your plan for 2012? Go on inspire me…..



  1. Emma @mummymummymum

    My plan is to find some kind of paid work, whether it be freelance writing or making money from Science Sparks.

    I want to be happier and healthier and more energetic and do lots of fun things with the kids, I also want to be more patient!

    Fingers crossed 2012 is a good year. x

  2. midlife singlemum

    School for Noo will happen because he has to go to school. Good luck with finding a new job. New house? Now that is exciting – I’d love to read more about the whys and wherefores of needing to move. Have a wonderful and fulfilling year Gemma xxx

  3. Mum in Meltdown

    Good luck with your plan for 2012! The list is not too unrealistic and I’m sure with the effort you will put in all 3 will definitely be possible. I want to learn new skills but would definitely love to be more patient an 2012!! 🙂

  4. Steph

    I’m having a quiet year this year, as in the last 18 months I’ve moved house, got married and had a kid. I do need to sell my flat in London though.

    Roo starts school in September so I’ll be making the most of the summer with her.

  5. bluebirdsunshine

    My aims are very similar to yours: find a preschool/school for Sun, move house and find some sort of earning capacity. Like you, I’m totally daunted by the tasks ahead but also looking forward to achieving them and moving on to other things. I’ll keep an eagle eye on your progress as I bet it’ll inspire me to stop procrastinating and get on with it!

  6. tiddlyompompom

    I’m with you on the school thing (scary stuff). I have also entered the ballot for the Great North Run which I think makes me officially mad. I hope you get the 2012 you want – will be rooting for you all the way x

  7. Rhiannon (@The_Last_Slayer)

    I love making lists and given the 3 tasks ahead of you, I think it’s sensible to break them down into little steps via a list to make them more manageable and less daunting. Good luck.

  8. Rollercoaster Mum

    I was looking forward to my first bit of me time today with smallest Little Miss at nursery but OH went and decided he had manflu and couldn’t go to work – now have to wait until next Monday – and I have so many plans – grrr!
    I also need to find some proper paid work – would love to get blog/ writing to pay but have no idea where to start – eeek! This one is on my list of resolutions too! good luck and Happy New Year!

  9. jfb57

    My words are ‘Structure and Balance’ because I need to organise all the things I do so that they don’t all pile in at the same time and I need to remember to do ‘retirement stuff like reading, jigsaws & gardening.

  10. grumpinator

    I plan to plan less and do more! I spent an awful lot of my time writing plans and lists that after a week I forget about and end up not following. This year I am making it simple. I am going to try to look after myself better. I hope that by valuing myself more, I will in turn feel happier, be healthier and be more relaxed. I spent the last year organising my house so this year I am living in it! Good luck with your goals this year, I hope you and yours have a great New Year! xx

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