You’re invited to a Bloggers Tea Party

A while ago I posted about Action Aid, I’d been to visit them in London. Action Aid are an inspiring organisation, they do incredible work in developing countries. Well known for organising Child Sponsorship they also campaign and support communities towards sustaining themselves.

Action Aid are organising a Bloggers Tea Party, a chance to find out more about Action Aid, meet other bloggers and eat cake (how’s that for a nice afternoon?).

The event takes place at their headquarters in London, there will be displays and information on the work of Action Aid.

An opportunity to listen to comedian and ambassador Mark Watson who’ll be talking about his experience of sponsoring a child and his trip to Senegal, of course there will be space to ask Mark questions.

There’s a short film – a quick edit of Action Aid various projects. Meet Lynn Banks, a child sponsor, who’s been to visit her child in Lesotho.

Louise Odquier Action Aid’s multi-media producer talking about the power of blogging for Action Aid and Louise is interested to hear the views, thoughts and ideas of bloggers.

Sylwia Presley, blogger and social media practitioner helping individuals, brands and organisations tell stories to drive change. She’ll be running through her top 5 tips on blogging. Check out her fascinating blog here.

Did I mention, tea and cake and a time to mingle?

19 January 2012, from 1pm

ActionAid London office, London EC1.

If you want to attend, space is obviously limited, register here.
There’s also a small crèche facility, subject to numbers.

Action Aid will get back to you, In the meantime any questions tweet @ActionAidUK or connection via You can also email at

Hope to see you there.


  1. PolythenePram

    Sounds great Gemma, would love to come but not sure I would be able to sort out childcare (damn those kiddies!)
    Looks like a fab event though for a great cause
    Evey (PolythenePram)

  2. Perfecting Pru

    I’m still waiting to hear back from Action Aid, but I am sure that we will get to meet and chat and eat cake on the 19th!

    I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you for your kind comment earlier.


  3. Kate

    They tweeted me but honestly? I’d need to leave before I arrive to make it home for school run. Would be nice if they could offer some afternoon things that is more convenient for northern based bloggers with school children and no after school childcare.

    1. Leslie

      Hi Kate,
      Leslie from ActionAid here. Thanks for the idea about holding an event up in your part of the country. This is just the first event for this year. Sorry you can’t make it.

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