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I was tagged by dearest MotherVenting and frankly I can’t say no to her (equally I am a little bit frightened of the consequences if I do) to share my vintage threads.

A bit about me and old clothes; vintage threats being a more modern term. Where to start? Clothes are something I tend to create complicated and lengthly relationships with. For me, clothes move through stages, favourite items in the top drawer; the initial crush. Then demotion to ‘work’ items and down a drawer, kept for regular dates, but nothing special. Items I really love, remain on the edges of the drawer or the wardrobe in ‘just in case’ mode, often they’ve moved on but I can’t accept it’s over. Finally, if I admit things have changed between us, such as, a much-loved pair of Levi’s worn to death but with a huge hole across the knee giving me the look of Bros (80’s boy band who had holes in the knees of their jeans: and that was the extent of Bros). If it’s a case of it’s not you it’s me, they are moved to ‘the bag in the attic’. I am a hoarder by nature, I cling, but I made a commitment to change.

I’d hung on to outfits worn to weddings and special nights out, one night stands, but never worn again. Then I saw the profit of ebay and I unceremoniously dumped them. I recycled those jeans, it was empowering sisters.

I still browse fashion magazines and see pages of brogues and pleated skirts exactly as I owned in my youth and find myself daydreaming; what might have been. Could I rekindle the love of faded Levi’s with a hole in the knee, should it appear as a trend? I’m ‘just good friends’ with a t-shirt, that says “Queen for a Day”. Sometimes a girl needs a sentiment like that.

A t’shirt long owned by Mr Noo, purloined by me, still worn to bed, it was the item I intended to give birth in. The memories we could have created.

Probably the oldest item, that lives in ‘the bag in the attic’ and one which I will (probably) never go out with in again but cannot bring myself to let go of is the dress I wore on my 21st (*cough* if only I could remember how long ago that was *ahem*). Not a groovy glittery number, it was cool at the time (really) and suited an evening of cocktails and food with friends. I know you’re looking at me as if I’ve just introduced a short bald man in a Christmas jumper. I think it qualifies as my most vintage thread and I lurve it. Still.



  1. Deb at aspie in the family

    A lovely post which has made me think about my clothes. Not sure I have anything vintage but my husbands old jumpers have now been grabbed by my teenage daughter. Love the dress by the way. Deb

  2. motherventing

    That dress is lovely. You can find something similar in Topshop nowadays I reckon, the print looks really current. Hang on to it! Sounds like clothes mean a lot to you and you’ll regret it if you lose them 😉 X

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