Sofa Cinema goes into storage

Whatever happened to Sofa Cinema. I’d planned that December would be the last sofa cinema for a while, however, a Danish woman in a thick wooly jumper proved to be its early demise.

In December, I did watch Christmas films, old favorites, Elf and The Polar Express. I watched some wonderful films on TV, that’s whats Christmas is about time on the Sofa watching whatever. Obscure things in the afternoon, such as, ‘Penelope’ a James MacAvoy outing about a girl with a pig’s nose. (Fun and better than expected). Young Victoria, an absolute pleasure which had me sobbing at the end. The DVD that landed on the doormat was:

A Town Called Panic

This is an animated film about some plastic figures; horse, a Red Indian and a cowboy who buy too many bricks and everyone panics a lot. They store the bricks on a roof and that turns out to be a wrong decision. Various, panicked adventures ensue. They travel to the centre of the earth and on it goes, getting weirder and weirder. It’s subtitled. If that sounds appealing, then whatever floats your boat.
The other film I planned to see in December still sits on a shelf in my living room. Films have been displaced by a box set, about a Danish work obsessed detective. The Killing. I’d intended to park Sofa Cinema for a while and get into box sets. The year after my son was born, we discovered The Wire, and addictive box set of American TV. The Wire, for me is Crack TV. Impossible to watch one episode, the more I saw, the more I wanted. Mr Noo and I would calculate how little sleep we could survive in order to watch as much as possible.

The Wire is about the woven lives, of police, drug dealers and politicians in Baltimore. It’s challenging, it expects much of the viewer, The Wire does not spell things out (which created much debate in this house). It presents life on the street as it is; utterly grim, there is a lot of death. Often the street language can be difficult to follow. As a viewer the characters and their lives are absorbing, I was charmed by the initially charmless. I came to adore Stringer Bell, the perfect dark horse; intelligent, handsome, generous and utterly Machiavellian. I’d lie awake thinking about the youths and children portrayed. The end of The Wire left a gaping hole.

A friend recommended The Killing and I watched series 2 on BBC4, it dominated Saturday evenings. Traditional DVD viewing time. A murder mystery in Danish, I am, once again, absorbed by TV, I feel ‘involved’ and try to second guess the plot twists and turns. The hero is Sarah Lund; all scrapped back hair, no make-up and one jumper. She’s utterly driven. A great female character. We are now on series 1 and captivated to the exclusion of everything else. So films, for the moment are off the agenda. Box Sets recommendations are welcome, I’m looking for things for the long haul.


  1. Mamabearuk

    Well I shall look forward to it returning. Thank you for introducing me to Get Low and Surfwise, both of which were fantastic, I am going to buy and OH and I have both declared Get Low is up there with our all time favourites. When you return to films I throughly recommend Gran Torino and Harry Brown

  2. Mum in Meltdown

    Wow I was bought the Killing box set with series 1 for Christmas by my brother who just loved it! I haven’t found the right time to start it as I have a feeling once I do it may become a TV marathon LOL 🙂

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