All Seeing Eyes


Taken in Nepal this is the Boudhanath Stupa, a Buddhist temple, North of Kathmandu. I’d cycled from Kathmandu with some friends. The monks in the photo are lining up tealights, rows and rows along the edge of the temple. As dusk fell they were lit, one by one until the temple was covered in flickering lights. Behind the sky turned from grey to dark. We’d stumbled across it, on the way back from another place. We stayed and cycled back in the dark, an exhilarating experience on bikes without lights. It was magical, the smell of incense and candles, hundreds of tiny lights. The chimes of prayer bells which ping every few minutes as the devoted murmured prayers at the foot of the temple. And the eyes watch. They represent the All Seeing Eyes. Buddha Eyes. Wisdom eyes.  They are on the four directions of the temple, to symbolize the omniscience, all-seeing of Buddha. He’s watching.




  1. Sarah Lee (@BritMumInNZ)

    WOW! I’m so glad you contributed to the gallery with this stunning, unique post. How refreshing to see and read – I felt like I was there. You paint a great picture with your words. Love this!

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