Saturday morning, central London. A group of women in conversation cross the road. It’s the beginning of the day and this is a fabulous group of bloggers, full of expectation and heading to Cybher (the number one event for women who blog).

Some have met before, some are meeting for the first time. Events like Cybher bring the blogging world together, women (and men) step from behind their computer screens and travel from far and wide. They come together, to share the day, to learn, to contribute and very much to meet, to make new friends and reinforce existing friendships. To be social.

I started blogging because I wanted to make connections, I didn’t expect to make friends, really good proper friends. Blogging has connected me with women from across country and across the globe, some I may never meet but many I would never have met had it not been for blogging. Meeting other bloggers, for me, is sharing a passion and enthusiasm for blogging and building on the connections begun on-line. It confirms all the best aspects of blogging, writing and commenting, sharing and supporting; the connections that creates. Saturday morning was the start of a long day, a day of taking the on-line off-line. Cybher was many things but for me it was a lot of laughter and much conversation with many inspiring women. My early morning expectations were met and 14 hours later the conversation still flowed. The on-line world has much to offer but taking it into real life is better.



  1. Jenny paulin

    Great photo and words there Gemma. I am going to britmums live so as its my first blogging conference I am very excited! Blogging is just so amazing and I am so glad to have found it. Asides from baking, it’s my first proper hobby ever! X

  2. Ali

    What a lovely post, that gave me goosebumps 🙂 Fab photo too and what a lovely comment from Jenny, blogging is really great isn’t it!!! Gives you a sense of belonging somewhere rather nice x

  3. Trish @ Mum's Gone To

    I’ve been reading all about the great time you all had, sounds very inspiring. Now getting some clues about what to wear for BritMums Live looking at your photo – thanks!

      1. minibreakmummy

        There were so many new people to meet that I didn’t have much chance to catch up with everyone. But hopefully I’ll see you at BritMums when you are in ‘butterfly’ mode 😉

  4. thelovebump

    Cool photograph! Well Jel I couldn’t get to Cybher… I’m at Britmums though! from that photo it looks as though I need to invest in a pair of converse! 🙂 xx

  5. Asturian Diary

    A great photo and post Gemma. Makes me even more desperate to make it to BritMums….I thought for 5 mins I might be able to but tbh I think we just can’t afford it, as it all adds up… If not this year, then definitely next…

  6. Kerry (@MultipleMummy)

    A fabulous post Gemma and perfect capture of the morning. Would you mind emailing me that photo? It is a delight to meet and get to know some very inspiring women – can’t wait for the next one. xx

    1. helloitsgemma

      left to right. Fi – childcare is fun, Emma – Emmaand3 at the front
      Sharon – I heart Muthahood, Molly – Mothers always right,
      Jen (coral trousers) – Love chic living, Kerry – Multiple Mummy and Emma – Mummymummymum.
      There are some that are just out of shot but frankly it was like herding cats.
      And that Mother Venting is just fur youse because yur fab. Sorry yer week is grim. X

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