Marble Run: Review

I don’t do many reviews, previously I’ve been sent food items for children all of which my son has refused. When I was offered a non-edible item I knew we were on to a winner. We were sent Marble Run by Galt toys for review.

Marble Run is made of various sturdy parts that fit together in order to create a path of chutes.  Drop a marble in the top and watch it find its way to the bottom. Take it apart and rebuild it in another form for more marble journeys.
marble run
Galt toys are long established and the emphasis is on imaginative play.  They have an easy to negotiate website full of ideas. You’ll find Marble Run it in the science and discovery section of Galt toys website under construction.

As a parent, I like the building aspect, the direction of the chutes have to compliment each other and Noo has to consider what goes where in order for the marbles to travel down all the way to the bottom. He enjoys ‘working it out’.  I am sure there is learning and development aspect but I am the wrong parent to ask for an awareness of such things. Noo is really enthusiastic about Marble Run and it is now an established favourite.

It’s a simple idea, built it, pop a marble/marbles down it and it presents hours entertainment, more than I anticipated. In my view, it is good value at £10.99. As an adult, together with the other adult in this house, we love it. The sound of the marbles dropping through it are positively addictive, it is almost impossible to walk past it without dropping a marble in the top and to be honest, building your own version is fairly addictive too.


  1. Ali

    Love marble runs. Oscar still gets his out sometimes now, sure it is the same one actually 🙂 Yep that plop sound as it hits the bottom is great but then I like the rather soothing sound of the marble as it runs down too!!!

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