A perfect weekend

My preference for a short break would be some kind of 5 star hotel but obviously that is not compatible either with my financial situation or a small child.

A lazy and relaxing weekend getaway is always welcome but obviously that is not compatible with a noisy 4-year-old who requires entertainment.

What is compatible with a small child is lots of other children, various adults, self-catering facilities to administer to the whims of unpredictable early rising and ad hoc snacking. Practical and child friendly surroundings which a child can explore without their parent becoming hoarse from barking instructions to ensure that something isn’t broken or someone unduly disturbed.

A few months ago a friend suggested a group weekend away in a Youth Hostel, to be honest I liked the idea. I was less keen than had I been offered a luxury spa, but there was an appeal and I marked it on the calendar. When something is proposed in February and it’s cold, sunshine is a forgotten ideal I struggle to envisage a weekend involving the seaside, a hostel and a large group. The large group aspect equates to military tactics and a barrage of emails. Groups are great and I do think there are wonderful benefits to group holidays with kids (see ‘entertainment’ mentioned previously) but I am pleased it wasn’t me responding to every query and calculating how many sausages make a BBQ for 31.

The organisation has been rolling on.  Rising to the boil through May. May, however, has not been playing ball weather wise and the prospect of rain-soaked weekend was distinct. Then last week the sun came out and stayed out and my enthusiasm bloomed. We duly packed and headed to the coast last Friday a disparate group aiming for Boggle Hole Youth Hostel on the North Yorkshire coast. I have very little experience of Youth Hostels but I see this changing. They seem to be perfect for families, reasonably priced (see ‘financial’ mentioned previously) a combination of self-catering (see ‘whims’ mentioned previously) and affordable cooked meals (see ‘lazy’ mentioned previously) very much suits. Boggle Hole is pirate themed. It has a dressing up box, games and various activities available. Had it rained it would not have been a disaster. The rooms are basic with shared facilities. For my 4-year-old bunk beds the equivalent of holiday heaven and showering isn’t a priority.

What makes Boggle Hole stand out is its fabulous location; a walk down a leafy lane, across a wooden bridge and there is it right on the beach. Disney could not have done better. When the tide goes out short stroll along the beach to Robin Hoods bay a very pretty village (and chips for lunch). Climb the hill to the side of the hostel and enjoy fantastic views and from the Cleveland way walking route.

a very nice spot for a youth hostel.

Pirate ahoy.

Robin Hoods Bay. Pretty.

The view from the hill.

Sometimes it all comes together time and place, good friends and good weather; making a perfect weekend.

Definitely inspiring.

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  1. Emma

    It sounds like a brilliant weekend! I love the name of the place, and I love the fact that it’s pirate themed. Better not show my 5 year old, he will be booking himself a holiday!! 🙂

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