The one in which I go a bit fashionista

What am I wearing to Britmums live? As a rule, I shy away from ‘what I’m wearing posts’. They set in motion various worries. I scrutinise my wardrobe critically. Start comparing and contrasting in a way that triggers unsuccessful shopping trips and a whole heap of frustration.

TKMaxx stepped in and offered to dress myself and my fellow butterflies for Britmums Live. This weekend I will be trying to exude welcomeness and I will be rocking a couple of new outfits.

So to introduce myself:
Hello it’s Gemma!
Find me here and on twitter spotting a similar @helloitsgemma
I am 5.9″ (average height)
My hair is dark with a rather fake red hue to it.
My eyes are a pond green.

Dislikes: The tabloid press. Ronald McDonald. Brown fizzy drinks. Coffee.
Likes: Glossy magazines. Meeting people. Cake. Tea. French Films. Sunshine. Northern Spain.
One random fact: I have an appalling memory.

I also enjoy shopping, my shopping preferences tend to be simply laid out and coordinated stores. I guess I am a lazy shopper.  I met up with co-Butterfly Penny from the Alexander Residence and we spent a morning at TKMaxx.  Shopping at TKMaxx initially seemed a little overwhelming. The store, while well-lit and spacious, presents the shopper with a collection of labels and designs pulled together under size. TK Maxx poses the challenge of really shopping; searching the racks and appraising each item, I found that tempted me out of my comfort zone a little.

Outfit No. 1 (note: we are working ‘bored model’ poses).

TK Maxx

This dress has been described as a “Noel Coward style housecoat”. This is me stepping out of my comfort zone. Whilst Penny looked sagely on, I think I tried it on four times before deciding it was a ‘Yes’.
It is a ‘Clements Ribeiro’ dress, a bargain at £29.99 from an original *coughs* £214.00.

Outfit 2. (this time I went for ‘just leaning against the wall casually having my photo taken’ type pose)

TK Maxx

I am a big fan of skinny jeans, however I do like a more comfy pair for afternoons at the park, trips to the supermarket, hang over days (which *may* be Saturday at Britmums Live). These are, super comfortable, Fat Face stretch straight legs jeans. I like the deep indigo blue. £16.99 from original £45. Also within my TK Maxx budget I picked up a top and shoes. The pink and black spotted top, I hope, dresses the jeans up a touch. The shoes are by ‘Simple’ have an eco ethos and a espadrille feel. I can see myself wearing these across the summer.

I *may* also have picked up a ‘John Smedley’ merino wool cardigan, at £34.99 from £140 it was rude not to.

So what do you think of my choices? Now you know exactly what to look for please come say hello!
See you at Britmums Live.

TKMaxx provided a budget. The choices, words and opinions are all my own.


  1. Melksham Mum

    Ooooh, fab and fab! Those shoes look super comfy. I’m going dress on the Friday – so out of my comfort zone – and back to jeans and top on Saturday – much more me! I will be looking for you at the butterflies thingy x Again – how damn cute is your little lad?!!

  2. Asturian Diary

    Fashionista suits you darling – you look fab! I, by contrast, shall be wearing a sickly shade of ‘I so wish I could be at BritMums Live’ green this weekend. Have a good one (as if you need to be told!) MWAH!

  3. Emma Mayfair Mum

    Great outfits Gemma! Looks like you both had a fun morning 🙂 Am now critically evaluating my wardrobe and fearing I shall make a BML faux pas. Having read their latest email I’m torn between the Mayfair “mind your own damn business, you’ll see what I’m wearing when I arrive” and the Mum “I’ll probably just end up in bloody leggings again” *sighs and has an existential crisis* Is it too late for gin? Hope to meet you on the day.

  4. Ali

    Fab choices, love the dress! Now is Noo yawning or saying wow?!!! The shoes look comfy a must (not like the ones I wore to blog camp Bristol brought for comfort and left me rocking with a rather embarrassing and huge blood stain on my heel grrr!!!)

    Have a fantastic time 🙂

  5. Fi (@Childcareisfun)

    G to the O to the R to the… Ah you know what I’m spelling. Gorgeous dahhhling! Looking forward to seeing you again. Hope you’ll make me giggle as much as you did at Cybher!

  6. richmondmummy

    Lovely! Particularly like the shoes, in fact the second outfit is cool from top to bottom – love it. As Simon Cowell might say, “you totally nailed it!” – hope to see you at BritMums (that’s me saying that, not Simon…) x

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