Like many parents I regularly experience the frustration of my son’s refusal to eat particular foods. Frustrating because his list of dislikes is mostly things he previously would eat. Toast was briefly rejected. Toast! Ketchup is no longer a friend of his chips.

“I don’t eat olives anymore”
“I don’t like grapes or hummus”
“I’ve gone off bananas”
“Rice. No. I’ve changed my mind”.

Baked beans loved, then firmly lost and have recently made a re-entry into our lives and are (currently) enjoyed with gusto. So there is always hope. Although he has never liked strawberries!

I was a picky eater as a child and barely ate a vegetable until my early 20’s. I feel slightly hypocritical extolling the virtues of broccoli to my four-year old. My child hood memories of food were of battles at school over uneaten dinners. Being circled by menacing dinner ladies and forced to swallow inedible stew. At home we ate ‘meat and two veg’ meals. I particularly remember Sunday tea; homemade scotch eggs and sandwiches followed fairy cakes and pastries made by my mother. I have very sweet tooth. A stand out memory from my child hood was our biscuit tin. We had a pale blue biscuit tin, it was tall and had a print of white romanesque figures on each of it’s six sides and golden knob on the top. I have clear memory as a very small child of seeing the biscuit tin on the kitchen worktop and of climbing onto a stool to get to it. Stretching out to reach the tin and losing my balance. Falling backwards onto the doorstep of the open kitchen door. I ‘cracked’ my head and had to have stitches. Despite this I loved the biscuit tin and the childish thrill of what goodies it might contain. Sponge fingers, fig biscuits or Garibaldi’s. The biscuits of my childhood. Now I am a parent, I have been for sometime in pursuit of the perfect biscuit tin. I love biscuits and cakes, I enjoy the ritual of taking the time to stop and enjoy. Time out from the day. It’s a pleasure I enjoy sharing with my son. Juice for him, tea for me and biscuits for us both.

I had been eyeing various rather cool Emma Bridgewater biscuit tins. Then I found myself in a hardware shop with my son. One of those old fashion hardware stores that has been in the same spot for decades and sells everything. I found a nice collection of storage and tins. Noo chose this one.


I wouldn’t say it was my first choice in the style stakes but he likes it and it is certainly a better place for the various packets of biscuits that until then lived in the cupboard with unromantic practical plastic clips around the top to keep their freshness. Biscuits got a new home and snack time got a new focus. Biscuits have to be selected from the tin. Immediately, Noo decided the tin was “magic”. Tellingly “It can do what ever it wants”. I suspects this means ‘it’ can eat and endless amount of biscuits.

What’s in the biscuit tin today? Currently plain digestive (Noo’s choice) and milk chocolate digestive (mine).

What’s your biscuit of choice? Where do you keep them? Is there such as thing as too many biscuits?



  1. Notmyyearoff

    Thats a very nice biscuit tin, Ours is actually a Fox’s variety one (or something like that). You can’t beat a good old digestive but I am partial to a pink wafer at the moment!

  2. Jenny paulin

    Ok so firstly, you can nee have enough biscuits (or cake!) in my opinion but I also have a sweet tooth! I think your new biscuit tin is a great choice with the gingerbread man on it!
    I was a bit picky when I was a child, saying I didn’t like food without even trying it. Had my mum not persevered or had she given into my silly ways, I would not eat mush at all now!
    It is hard when they pick and choose their good, liking something one minute and then not the next! *sighs*

    Lovely as always x

  3. Ali

    Love this post, firstly Noo wise on food he will get there. Oscar used to only eat fruit, salad, raw veg, sandwiches, cereal and pumpkins seeds for ages. I know a list that didn’t get any complaints but… He has got loads better still a bit fussy and still has salad twice a day but now loves roast dinner too!!!

    I have happy memories of tins more cake ones though!!! My Nan had a lovely woodland scene but it was all beautiful different shades of green. Our biscuits tin at the moment hold Rich Tea (yawn, yawn!) but the cake tin has homemade coffee cupcakes so the balance is set!!!

    It’s funny you saying about the biscuit tin Noo chose (good choice) as Bex chose me for Mother’s day when she was nearly 3 a ceramic snail biscuit jar, I totally loved it but like you wouldn’t be my first choice. Apparently she was quite insistent on that one. I have only just this year changed it!!!!

    Hope you enjoy lots of magical biscuits from your tin. Sorry long reply again :-/ xxx

  4. saveeverystep

    I love it when you talk childhood memories *punches air*. The biscuit tin always reminds me of my long lost Nan, whom I adored, but only ever bought the kinds of biscuits that kids hate (Rich Tea and Morning Coffee). God love her!

  5. Nikki Thomas

    Such a lovely post! I too have fond memories of our biscuit tin! I had a biscuit jar but it is too small and the top is too narrow for the deluge of hands that delve in, so I have resorted to a plastic sandwich box! My favourite biscuit is a custard cream, I love them!

  6. Jen Stanbrook

    Biscuits ooh! My other job is running a baby signing business where we offer tea and biscuits to all the mums after our singing session. My house is ALWAYS full of biccies. Never a good thing with a sweet tooth like mine, or yours :). Bourbons are favourite, followed by a good quality choc digestive or hobnob. It it aint got choc on it, it aint a biscuit!

  7. bluebirdsunshine

    I like Noo’s choice of tin. Subtle and understated. Very tasteful! I’ve only recently acquired a bisuit tin too after it being on my wish list for years. Problem is, it can’t hold a full packet of dark chocolate digestives so I have to gobble down 4 or 5 when I open the pack to fit the rest in. Tough work but someone’s got to do it.

  8. suzanne whitton

    My kids go through phases of being VERY picky. Eldest is currently only into chocolate digestives or hobnobs as biscuits….what’s with that?! I like a custard cream myself, or a milk chocolate hob nob….or a bourbon or a…..not fussy me!

  9. LauraCYMFT

    I used to love my Gran’s biscuit box and always used to choose a tunnocks teacake. My favourite now though has to be these lovely cinnamon biscuits you can get in Tesco. I can’t remember what they are called but they are yummy!

  10. Alexander Residence

    Lovely memories, reminded me so much of the biscuit tin at my parent’s house, although sadly I can’t picture the pattern so clearly now. Also remember the way my Grandma used to turn the lid of her tin, with such vigour, and a glint in her eye. Yesterday I was telling L she used to eat avocados and olives,when she was a baby and she laughed in my face. She came out of the fussy phase through school dinners – worked wonders! I must do the gallery more!

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