The Olympics

During the Beijing olympics I was a breast-feeding mother, my baby wasn’t a quick feeder, combined with the time difference and an early rising baby I saw my fair share of sport. I love a medal ceremony, the pride, the flower arrangements, the national anthems, even when I’m not hormonal they bring a tear to my eye. As the mother of a young baby, over tired and still full of post pregnancy hormones I repeatedly wept through various ceremonies. I remember the closing ceremony, Boris, the Mayor of London waving his flag and a London Bus.

The UK, in my view, struggles with being too London centric. It’s extremely irritating to buy a magazine and be recommended some great new restaurant in London, a fantastic new fashion find in London. Although I am a Londoner living in the North I resent the London focus of media in the UK. There is life beyond the M25. The long build up to London 2012 has inevitably been a London thing. The price of tickets initially seemed to allow only City Bankers to attend. I felt rather disconnected and disinterested in the whole thing.

However, I have been on the email list for tickets from the beginning, applying only to not get anything, which actually turned out to be a financial blessing. I wanted my son to experience the Olympics. It’s a once in a life time opportunity and I wanted it to inspire him.

The levels of sponsorship irritated me, the fact that you can only pay via the favoured sponsor. I had a largely grumbling relationship with the Olympics, most it served to give me something to moan about. I didn’t get tickets, most of it is over priced and it’s heavy on the brands and they aren’t brands I hold in much esteem.

Then the Olympic flame came to town and I got completely caught up in the hype and excitement of watching a flame being carried down the street, so excited I went to see it again. Since then my own inner Olympic flame has grown and here we are at the Olympics, it still seems to be far away in a very sunny London but I am giddy with it all. It suits my arm-chair sports sensibilities and I have my tissues at the ready to weep through medal ceremonies.

We have tickets for the road cycling. There were cheap and easily available. Tomorrow we will sit on a hill in Surrey and watch the World elite cyclists peddle past. This morning I bribed my child to come to town with me and we went to see and hear the bells being rung part of a national wide event. Ringing bells for London 2012. Apparently ‘Olympics’ is so rest of the world we are London 2012. It’s here, I have my tissues at the ready and I am very excited.

Are you?


  1. woollyandred

    Like you, I’m excited almost despite myself. I was pregnant with No1 when “we” won them; 2012 and a 6 year old seemed impossibly far away, yet both are now here.

    The children are very aware of it all, and are being allowed to stay up tonight to watch the opening ceremony. I hope that at 4 and 6 they will be old enough to have some memories of it.

  2. @mummywalker

    So excited I cannot even contain myself! I’ve got butterflies and this morning I was doing laps of the living room. I’ve been looking forward to this for ages. I’ve ignored the news reports and negative press because it’s all about the athletes and the performances for me. Bring it on!

  3. jfb57

    It took seeing the torch for us to get excited about it all too. Last night we went to Cardiff to see Brazil play Egypt in the football. It was fabulous & I cried when the teams with their flags came out & I’m a neutral! It would be impossible for me not to cry lots over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy tomorrow!

  4. Emma

    One have of me is cross about the sponsorship issue thing, and I am sure the money could have been better spent, BUT I am also looking forward to it strangely enough. We will get the kids up tonight so they can watch the cermony, quite sad we are not at home… :/ PS. Thought the bell ringing was fab this morning!

  5. mum in Meltdown

    At first I wasn’t really bothered. But I have driven home to London from Plymouth today (traffic was hell) but the closer I got the more excited I got!! I’m now piosed in front of the telly waiting to be amazed and looking forward to watching quite a few of the events on TV 🙂

  6. stephstwogirls

    Got through a few tissues last night. It’s all pretty amazing stuff, London or not. As a northerner myself I actually feel that for a change they haven’t gone too top-heavy on the London bit (although living not too far away I’m not sure I can be classed as unbiased?!).
    p.s. sorry about the road race 🙁 hope you had a good day anyhow?!

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