I have three obsessions which, at the moment, strongly influence what I’m doing at 8pm.

1. I am obsessed with purchasing ‘the perfect green cardigan’ and spend hours searching the internet for said item. Although this morning I wondered if red might be a better colour.

2. I am obsessed with finding a combination of beauty products which give me a daytime glow and dramatically reduce aging over night, again this takes up a signficant amount of my internet time. I am as far as the revelation that is; Hot Cloth Cleansing. The rest alludes me or is, frankly, too expensive.

3. I have reaquainted myself with gin.
I am, of course, enjoying gin responsibly and in moderation. I just get a little obsessed that a gin would be nice. Gin was the drink of my teenage self. I’d nonchantly order a “gin and grapefruit” and thought it made me appear older and worldly to the Wheatsheaf bar staff. In retrospect I think it’s the drink of Grandmas. That is more worldly and a lot older than I was aiming for.

I feel a bit of a slapper admitting this but I have only recently discovered that gin is an aperitif “a drink that prepares the palate for food”. At 8pm it is my post food drink of choice. 8pm is about when the domestic part of the day is over and I am tempted to collapse into a heap and stare into the middle distance in the vague direction of a TV. When actually I have a vacuous evening of internet trawling ahead of me. A gin and tonic is the perfect reviver. A refreshing evening companion. I’ve always liked Gin but my renewed love of gin crept up on me while on holiday. Gin in a tin was on special offer in the supermarket. It’s a convenient alternative when camping. Sunny evenings and holiday barbeques make for good gin friends. Once I returned from my holiday, naturally I wanted to wallow in the holiday ‘spirit’ for a while longer.

On Saturday I was having a meal with friends and gin was the drink of the evening. At 8pm this was an aperitif. Gin sophistication. Cheers to 8pm. Gin O’clock.


  1. Midlife Singlemum

    So far I’ve looked at three Gallery posts today and they all involve alcohol. Yours is the only gin one though – the others were about wine. well done fo being original 😉

  2. achan

    Ah, gin and tonic my favourite. It’s been a while between drinks though and I guess I’ll have to wait til this little one is no longer feeding…
    your post was very entertaining, I can just imagine sitting infront of the computer to all hours with a gin!!

  3. Ali

    Okay well I will be different, Gin can’t stand the stuff unless I have turned it into Sloe Gin which I usually do every year and it’s opened on Christmas Eve but not at 8 ‘o’ clock!!! Today I am being a rebel I know 😉 x

    P.S I have lost my favourite green cardi you haven’t pinched it have you?!!!

  4. Notmyyearoff

    Mothers ruin? I’ve never heard it called thstz. I became obsessed with cardigans from Sainsburys because I discovered they were good quality and lasted for a while. I’m pretty sure I spotted a red one there!

  5. bavariansojourn

    I am obsessed with cakes, as you might have guessed. Not so good for the waist-line though! I am partial to a decent Gin and Tonic too (love that tin by the way!) Tanqueray is my gin of choice, with plenty of ice, tonic and a big fat chunk of lime! 🙂 x

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