Striped tops

A change of season which prompted a long overdue wardrobe sort out and a theme emerged.

A classic investment or must. not. buy. anymore. striped. tops.
Is there such a thing as too many striped tops?


  1. Gill Crawshaw

    Think this might be a common modern affliction, as I too am also a sufferer! I realised I may have a slight problem when I saw that most of the baby clothes I’d bought were striped. But no, I don’t think you can have too many (it’s a classic, right? Plus they’re all slightly different…)

  2. bavariansojourn

    Brilliant set of pics. No I don’t think so by the way, they do suit you! I always feel like a mime artist in mine though. Must make sure I never wear one with a beret!! 😀

  3. mutteringfool

    Thought I’d balance things out with a male point of view. You can neer have too many striped tops if you are either a) a sailor or b) French. You need 2 max, then you can wear one and have one in the wash 🙂
    Oh and change your photos for cardigans and you are about halfway to my wifes wardrobe, a source of much frustration on my part.

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