Tamara Small and The Monsters Ball: Review



Today we are preparing for Halloween baking biscuits and reading Tamara Small and the Monsters Ball by Giles Paley-Phillips a vivid picture book for small children.

It’s a lovely book for anytime of the year. The illustrations (by Gabriele Antonini) are bold and the monsters have character and warmth. They are obviously skeletons and vampires, witches and beasties yet there isn’t anything too scary or dark in them. Nice monsters if you will – perfect for small people who like scary stuff but actually the last thing a parent wants to do is induce bad dreams or fears. The story reminds children that monsters might look scary but really they are friendly.

It’s a rhyming book, children enjoy the rhythm of rhymes in stories. My son is exploring rhyming at school as part of developing his understanding of phonetics – the sound of words and what words match and this book is perfect and he listens to the story carefully.

“I like the vampire man”
“I like it when Tamara Small goes to see the monsters”

The book about an adventure simply told and what small child doesn’t love the idea of an adventure.

An enjoyable book we recommend.



Disclosure: we were sent a copy of Tamara Small and the Monsters Ball to review.
All words and opinions are my own.




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