This Wasn’t in the Plan

As I sat with my a towel over my head breathing in steam laced with Olbas oil I thought “this wasn’t in the plan”.

The plan was; last Thursday would be Noo’s last day at school. School had treats planned and a goodbye card. There was Christmas event after school, it would be a nice ending. Meanwhile at home the house would be emptied by removal people. We would camp out in the empty house and on Friday morning drive South to meet the removal van at the new house. The next few days would be a mixture of unpacking and exploring our new city. Finding new places to interest Noo with the aim of creating a sense of excitement about our new home. That was the plan.

As it turned out. Noo woke up on Thursday morning with a temperature and clearly wasn’t able to go to school. We popped him in a corner with a laptop and some DVDs. Some of the plan went as it should. Emptying the house and driving Southwards. Except instead of an excited little boy we had a sleepy little boy in a ridiculously over stuffed car. Stuffed with items I felt too ‘special’ or too ‘essential’ to trust to the removal van. So I travelled 150 miles with a large box filled with contents of our fridge on my knees, the only place left in the car for it. On Saturday I woke up feeling awful and since then  have largely lived in pjs watching endless DVDs. Hacking coughs and runny noses.

At the moment it feels as if we are living in a holiday cottage, except with our things. Our things mostly in boxes. It’s all a bit overwhelming.

The exploring has been to a supermarket for more Capol and Lemsips. Yesterday, we had a family trip to a Hospital Walk in Service, a slightly emotional me presented a listless little boy and explained we have no GP. We are now in possession of antibiotics and the hope that things will improve from here and we can get back to the plan. I’ll keep you posted.



  1. Midlife Singlemum

    Oh what a shame he missed his final day at school. Most importantly, you made the move and at least you can just sit still and get better now without having to worry about the move. You’re going to be in the new town a long time so plenty of time for exploring. Wishing you both better. (How’s Mr Noo?)

  2. Erica

    What a shame – he would have so excited about it. H was when we moved last year. Hope you’re all better soon. Will now need to get used to the idea of you been down there rather than up there.

  3. Older Mum (@Older_Mum)

    I really hope you are on the mend now – we have been full of nasty colds in our house too – horrid – and I had that hacking cough. Glad to hear you have actually moved now – stressful isn’t it? – no wonder you are feeling so poo! Have a lovely Christmas! X.

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