Another Week

It’s been another week beset by illness, however it hasn’t all been gloom and doom. We celebrated a family birthday and that was the whole point of moving; for family. There were kids, presents, balloons and a fantastic cake. It was perfect.

The Christmas tree went up. We’ve managed a bit of exploring and a trip to an uncrowded zoo. It’s not been a bad week (I even managed a couple of glasses of wine in a cool local bar). It just feels like a long week. The presents are wrapped only the food shopping to do and then batten down the hatches for Christmas. How about you?






  1. Alexander Residence

    Oh you feel so far away! but I am so glad it is all going well and you are able to explore at last. I am going to try and email subscribe again and hope it works, that or I will get you three times a day, but that is better than not at all. Happy Christmas to you and happy Birthday to Noo from me, L and G xxx

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