Winning the Lottery

Did that make you sit up? There is something so very enticing about those words. Actually, I thought I’d won the lottery, but I hadn’t. One of my Day Zero aims is to win the lottery, the drawback being that I rarely, if ever, buy lottery tickets. Mr Noo regularly buys tickets, utterly convinced he will win. Utterly disappointed when he doesn’t. I feel that the amount of money spent on lottery tickets over the month could be more effectively invested in wine, thus guaranteeing a return.

Before Christmas I was at the supermarket about to do the fiercely anticipated and dreaded; Christmas Food Shop. I got lost on the way. Inevitable given we’ve used moved to a new city but I was about to enter a supermarket at the busiest time of the year, 45 minutes later than intended 10 minutes journey time. Then realised I had no £1 coin to release the trolley. Calmly I queued at the cash point, then, less calmly, I queued at the sweets and cigarettes counter. On a whim, I brought a bar of chocolate (Toffee Crisp) and a lottery ticket, just to ensure I’d get £1 in my change. I say “Lottery ticket please” they reply “Euro Millions?”. “No” I say and then feel the need to explain that the Euro Millions as the jackpots are too big. Obviously, I don’t need to explain but I do feel strongly that £83 million is too much. Imagine £83 million. Where would you start spending that kind of money? 83 winners or 40 or so would be better, in my opinion. A lottery win of 1 million that seems fine. An acceptable amount. Life changing without being too gratuitous. £83 million just seems too huge. Particularly, to someone who doesn’t like expensive cars or wants a yacht. A house in the South of France but not so large I’d regularly lose my child or have to employ someone to answer the door because it’s too far from the pool. Life should be about balance. Obviously, I could give it away but where to start charities, family, random strangers.

I settle for an ordinary lottery ticket although lotto and lottery and thunderball I find confusing. Spending the money on a bottle of wine is so much simpler.

I clamp the ticket to the fridge with a magnet and forget it. Until Mr Noo tells me I’ve won. This is Very. Exciting. News. It turns out to be £10. Shall I buy us two ready meal curries from Waitrose? Shall I spent it entirely on me? Shall I put it towards a family day out? Decisions, decisions and it’s a mere £10. Where the hell do you start with £83 million? Then I think, I asked for this in my Day Zero. ‘Win the lottery’ and the universe has provided. I remind myself of Noel Edmunds who is a great believer in Cosmic Ordering it got him a house in France and Deal or No Deal!

Mr Noo takes the ticket to the shop. I eagerly await my crisp £10. I have two numbers not three. I win nothing. Two Toffee Crips, however, would have been win win.

What would you spend £83 million on? Give me some ideas and I may start buying Euro Lottery tickets.



  1. lauracymft

    Oh how disappointing! I’d have been happy with £10 – I think a supermarket still does 3 for £10 on wine? lol if I won the lottery though, I’d build my own house (well pay someone to do it) buy a nice car and go on a few nice holidays. I’d help out my family and friends and then put the rest in savings for the kids so I wouldn’t need to worry about them struggling when they are my age. Keep positive, you never know!

  2. Midlife Singlemum

    This is something I’ve thought about in great detail even though I never buy a ticket either. I’d need a nice place to live in Israel and another place in England. That would take a couple of million with all the costs involved. I would arrange a yearly income for myself of 200,000 – that would cover all my needs and more using up 10 million over 50 years. I’d share 10 million between my family and some deserving friends. 10 million to charity. I would put 10 million away for my daughter when she’s older. Maybe another 10 million to be shared between future grandchildren. This leaves 31 million and I’m running out of ideas. Maybe I’ll just opt for the 2 toffee crisp instead.

  3. mum in Meltdown

    What a shame! I also agree that 83m is too much and think it would cause more hassle, although my OH always says he would like to try LOL It just shows the difference in people, we talk about it but it but even the normal lottery win would have us arguing……….so probably best not winning! Who needs it anyway 🙂

  4. notmyyearoff

    I’m not sure to be honest. After I bought my house for a million (or even FIVE) million pounds, bought a restaurant, put some in savings and gave loads to family, friends and charity you’d still have a very very large amount left wouldn’t you? Like 50 million! Maybe I could buy up an entire country and do…something…not sure what though!

  5. Laura Briggs (@Lady_Briggs)

    Mr B and I always play the ‘if I won the lottery’ game on long car journeys, we have come up with lots of ways to spend it, but I agree a couple of million would suit me fine! 😉

  6. mutteringsofafool

    This is one of the things I think about when out for a long run, amazing how it can occupy your mind. I’d buy a small farm somewhere in the middle of the British countryside and grow some rare breed pigs and chickens.

  7. Viv Smith

    I’m just like you – the thought of winning a seriously huge sum of money scares me. Just where would you start. But, if I were to win a decent sum of money I’d do the obvious – dream house, nice car, holidays, treat the family. And then I’d use some of it to invest in a business. I’d love to continue making jewellery, but also have a gorgeous gift shop with a little coffee shop attached selling yummy cakes.

  8. Anya from The Healer and Older Single Mum

    If you were in the South of France it would be a shame not to own yacht. This, hopefully will teach you to be more specific with your cosmic ordering now! I’d love £83 million, just for the record, in case the Universe is listening, thank you very much and sooner rather than later, preferably, please if you don’t mind. I promise to do heaps of good with it.

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