A Britmums Carnival

Welcome! Welcome! Come on in. I’m hosting a Britmums blogging carnival and I’m pleased to say it’s turned into a cracking party. Let me introduce to some people, then mingle, meet some bloggers. You’ll find some familiar faces and some nice new ones. I guarantee you will enjoy yourself!

Out on the terrace…..can you see? Some crafters, they’ve got gin and whole of lot of crafting going on. That’s Kirsty at Damson Lane Gardening with Kids, Recycled Water planter an easy tutorial for making a water planter with kids. Get out in the garden and prepare for warmer times ahead. Is that a bird is, it’s a plane? Oh no, it’s a medium sized egg and Jen, JB Mum of One (soon to become two) Easter Craft: Egg-tacular Superheros! is making a spiderman. While Emma, The Mini Mes and Me, shows off her simple but very effective Cellophane Window Decorations. Am hoping Emma pops me one on the window before she leaves. They are a lovely trio and very welcoming. Join in with the craft and let them pour you a G&T.


At the end of the garden there’s a canal. Just mooring up is Peggy, The Real Life of a Narrowboat wife, you can probably hear her, she’s having a bit a rant about… well, mooring; The Code is more what you’d call guidelines. She lives on that boat, between you and me I’m glad I saved her a mooring space. She’s says it’s the luck of the draw where you park but she’s pretty fed up about the so-called ‘need for change’. I’ll make sure someone saves her some cake and gin.

On the dance floor that very cool woman in Funky Wellies, singing along to all the lyrics and sharing her Oktoberfest-style moves. Funky Wellies and Random Thoughts, it’s the spirit of German Carnival. Being adopted by the locals, despite outfit and lyrical issues Dirndl and Lederhosen.
A nice English cup of tea and some homemade cake always delights the Expats. If I can just interrupt those two discussing sledging to introduce you. Emma, usually found in Germany at Bavarian Sojourn Night Sledging Emma is all about the joys of spontaneous sledging and memories of night sledging. Whilst Northern Spain based Mary of Asturian Diary is chatting away about first time sledging and the wonder of snow for a boy whose not been up close and cold in the snow before Thrills ‘n’ Spills and Hot Aches.

If talk of snow is making you feel cold, cosy up to the open fire with Sarah Older Mum in a Muddle, One Week – Winter ’13 – Departure, she has hot toddy and reflections on the truths of Winter, beside her is Helen of All at Sea Scotland her words I thought of you today. Equally beautiful.

On the Sofa sharing the wisdom of women, it’s Kate and Molly. Love Life and Living with boys, Kate has been learning about historic city of Chester her boys Winter Walk on the Walls. Recreating what her Granny, a very knowledgeable and intelligent woman, taught her. A Mother’s Always Right, Molly shares her own mother’s advice on juggling Molly’s various roles and the grit that drives Molly on, in Lessons from Mum. Full of wonderful wisdom and love. It brought a tear to my eye. I wish I’d invited her mum to the party!

Get a group of mothers together and we love to share a birth story. The lovely Vicky of Single Mother Ahoy shares My Birth Story part 1, she shows bravery in the facing an unexpected early labour and a rather (I’m being polite here) “unhelpful” ex. Luckily she’s bumped into Vicki, Honest Mum, always the first to open the champagne and make the party laugh with her tale of being surprised by a baby cuddler who didn’t think to ask first. We’ve been giggling in agreement with her views on bump feelers Bump Feelers and Baby Holders.

Let’s move through to the kitchen. At the oven Lilinha, Angel’s World is baking Easy Valentine’s Baking Ideas smells divine. Of course, in the kitchen, is where all the best conversations happen, there’s a gaggle of bloggers. Starting with Suzanne, Three Children and It Parenting a double edged sword the love to hates of parenting, cleverly explaining the pros and cons of many aspects of the role. Then Sarah, Crew Cut and Newt, Motherhood; the good, the bad and the truly amazing. Prompted by a former colleague Sarah tells of the changes Motherhood brings, the bigger more tangible and the detail, the small things, the rediscoveries. Wonderful and thoughtful. What I love about bloggers is they have so much to say. Celebrating great Dads and bringing biscuits to the proceedings; Andy, There is always time for biscuits (a man after my own heart) It’s a Dads, Dads, Dads, Dads world and debates attitudes to Dads and Mums. Are Dads victims of sexism? Biscuit anyone? While we discuss? Janine 21st Century Mummy Why We Need to Listen to our Children it features poo (which only briefly put everyone off the biscuits Andy brought) but it’s a valuable lesson in listening to your children. Ever felt a bit judgemental? Ever had a bad day parenting? Victoria unpicks the complicated relationship between society and parenting choices, the huge differences where you live and what access to support you have can make. Spirited and honest. Victoriananana So it turns out being a judgemental parent isn’t actually funny. Which is useful because Rachael, Mothering Mushroom she’s good enough because she’s not perfect On not being perfect. For me it’s very much about the sense of community, the joy in sharing the good times and the bad. Rachel at Mummy Kindness, Be Gone Black Dog is the perfect example, it’s OK, not to be OK. Thank you so much for sharing Rachel. Get a group of bloggers together and you have an eclectic collection thought provoking view points.

Discussing their gorgeous boys on the stairs; Sian of Elis George Summers, Teaching Tactics chimes in with her thoughts on learning, on being Elis’ mother and her role in his learning and education. While Ms Expat,of Tiger Tales needs some advice on being tested by her toddler, Angelo, Learning a foreign language: toddler speak.

Back on the dance floor things have livened up! The Bride-to-be is here! Big cheer for Mari! She’s brought more champagne because Mari of Mari’s world is getting married next weekend Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue . Who doesn’t love a bride?

Grab yourself a drink and a snack. Make the most of the party; read and share these brilliant posts and give them some blogging love via the comment boxes. The more the merrier, friends are welcome to gatecrash, so tweet a link to this post or choose a favourite from those included and share on your social media and get the crowds in. This party is going to go on and on. More champagne anyone?

*joins Mari and Funky Wellies on the dance floor*


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  2. Charly Dove

    Absolutely love this round-up Gemma, great to check out some other bloggers. Totally gutted I got the days wrong and missed your deadline to participate *kicks self repeatedly*

  3. Rachael 'Honest' Blair

    Great round-up Gemma, glad to see there’s still cake and gin left for me! 😉 I’m off to read some of the posts now but will have to come back tomorrow too, to make sure I ‘meet’ as many of the party guests as possible. Some, I already know *waves*

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