Chiquito: Review

It’s nice every once in a while to have a bit of an evening out. A treat evening. Meet with a friend, a cocktail, the sort of food that feels a bit indulgent combine that with a catch up; life and gossip.

When Chiquito offered me a voucher it seemed to fit the bill for a bit for that kind of evening out.

We had complimentary popcorn while we browsed the extensive cocktails menu. We opted for a margarita and an elderflower fizz (sounds innocent but includes a nice shot of vodka). Perfectly presented and both went down a treat.

Our starters arrived while we were still on the ‘catching up’ aspect of the evening. Glorious cheese-tastic starters of cheese bake, literally cheeses baked until stringy and hot with a side of nachos for dipping and cheese filled chilli poppers.
By the time we’d moved on to a bit of a gossip the mains arrived. I’d love to tell you what we were talking about but I’d have to kill you, so instead, I’ll tell you we went for classic Mexican burrito and a fajita. Sizeable portions made for filling mains. Perfect for when you have a lot to discuss.

Of course, no gossipy evening out is complete without a gratifying dessert, as you move on to the more ‘meaty’ chat. Crisp churros with a rich sauce and lush vanilla cheesecake made a good companion.

Chiquitos has a grown up Mexican feel, dark wood and dim lighting. We sat in a roomy booth, enough space for us, far enough from other people who might eavesdrop. All the staff were genuinely helpful, polite and friendly, which, I think gives a nice welcoming vibe.

The kitchen area is open, I like that, nothing to hide.

We visited Chiquito, at Aspects Bristol.

I received a £50 voucher to review Chiquito. The opinions and words expressed are all my own.


  1. Mayfair Mum

    Takes me back to happy student days! We treated ourselves to a night out at their restaurant on the A30 (sadly no longer there) and felt very grown up and cultured – I explored my two lifelong loves of guacamole and Mayfair Dad there too!

  2. eehbahmum

    Just found your blog and enjoying it very much.
    My sister worked as a chef a Chiquitos and she once baked a cake with mixed herbs as she’d run out of mixed spice.

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