An Easter Roaming

It’s been Easter and with my general ‘being in the moment’ a bit more, I’ve not been here. Now I have empty house syndrome,  school is back and the house seems a bit too quiet.

Some of our Easter was captured on camera and some, although worthy, wasn’t. Instead we will hang on to the memories.


Noo and I went to London. We took the train into Paddington we decided to try out the Princess Diana Memorial Park in Kensington Gardens, as it is a short walk from the station. Noo was very taken by the ship, it has rigging to climb and below deck to explore, it’s wonderful. The park has lots of little areas to explore. We liked the space to make sounds by banging on pipes and jumping on squares. The park is sheltered and secure. A person on the gate checks children don’t leave without a parent/carer. Noo could explore without me and I like that, that was my childhood time outside without may parents, it probably won’t be Noo’s until he is much older than I was when I spent whole days in the park with my friends.

Forest and countryside

Despite the cold we spent a lot of time outside. The benefits of moving South are all the new places to discover, and we spent Easter doing just that. There were many stand out moments, bits that particularly made my heart sing was seeing my boy racing down a forest track with a child he has known from birth. A reminder that although we are now a distance away from many longstanding and good friends the connections continue. That particular lovely discovery was the sprawling Forest of Dean. I love woodland, whatever the weather it offers a bit of shelter from the elements. Sticks and leaves to play with, small birds to spy.

Driving home from a friends family after the perfect Easter Sunday I had one of those moments when you appreciate your friends and remember how long some people have been in your life and that is unlikely to change, they are our past and Noo’s future. Noo says this was his best bit of Easter. Running in a field with dogs and searching for Easter eggs. He returned to their hiding places the ones he didn’t like. Creme Eggs for the record. I love creme eggs. I *may* have collected the odd one he didn’t want. We were grateful to be included in an Easter Sunday lunch an add on to someone else’s family gathering. A gang of children running outside across fields and up lanes. 19 young and old sat down to a proper roast.

We have had many conversations about owning a dog. Noo likes small ones and decided on a Chiwawa. A coat like a rat, legs slightly longer (Can you tell I am not a fan?). He has picked a name, Harry. Except, we are not getting a dog.

Rivers, canals and waterfronts

Mr Noo loves canals. Noo cycled and we took a stroll by the Avon and Kennet canal, watching boats navigate the locks. Mr Noo even joined in closing the lock lowering the Me, I took photos of the roof of a 14th century tithe barn.

Nearer home, we found a walk by the river just outside town and a cafe we could only reach by little ferry boat. It is a new favourite place.

This weekend the sun shone and for a moment the temperature rose a little. We ambled around the waterfront in the centre of Bristol and it confirmed how much we love our new home.


  1. downssideup

    Glad you had a fab adventurous Easter. Such fun and gorgeous pics. (Ours have been a bit poorly to enjoy too many adventures :/ )
    We have a Chihuahua by the way, my husbands choice not mine. He does look like a cross between a piglet and a rat but he has the biggest bravest personality and the kids adore him. 😉

  2. A Patchwork Life

    Sounds like a wonderful busy Easter break. We aren’t that far from the Forest of Dean – there’s the most fantastic family cycle track there if you’re heading back. Can’t recommend it enough.

    What is it about Chihuahuas? My 8 year old is desperate for one!

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