Tea, Cake and Ice

I do like a loyalty card. I’m keen on the whole points mean prizes of some high street retailers. I have a purse full of plastic cards than lure me back to various stores. The thing is they are the large ones and increasingly I’d like to support smaller retailers. So when I was invited to a farm with an award-winning farm shop to discover more about a loyalty scheme which includes small retailers I was more than happy to accept.
I joined some other lovely bloggers Emma and Knitty Mummy at Farringtons farm.
Ice is a simple but perfectly formed idea. It’s about changing the way we purchase, offering loyalty points as we shop but shopping via sustainable retailers.

ICE Loyalty Scheme - Farrington's Farm Shop, Near Bristol.

The Ice mission:

“By changing small things we do and buy every day, together we can minimise harm to the environment, help mitigate climate change and preserve the ice caps.”

The Ice scheme has easy on-line registration and links to smaller on-line stores with good ethical credentials. Ice offers flexibility, simply collect points as you shop in one store and then spent those points in another.

The card can be used in shops, I used mine in the Farringtons shop to buy some locally sourced meat for Mr Noo. Like many farms Farringtons has diversified, not only does it have a shop it has a cafe with good cake and a children’s play area, A nice play to visit, the sort of shopping that isn’t a chore. Shop, enjoy a cup of tea and play.

The bonus of Ice is that it also offers points as you purchase at larger retailers, but ones doing good stuff for the environment namely Marks and Spencer and John Lewis, quality high street brands. Ice takes the impact we have on the environment seriously, the website has information on seasonal produce and Ice can be used to purchase tickets on transport; trains and buses. Even energy suppliers who are doing their bit for the environment.

“We appreciate budgets can be tight and we firmly believe you deserve to be rewarded for making sustainable choices. We put ‘climate change cash’ in your pocket in the form of Ice points, a generous, flexible reward that you can spend combined with cash to get a discount or used to pay in full when you buy sustainable and energy saving products and services”.

ICE Loyalty Scheme - Farrington's Farm Shop, Near Bristol.

What’s not to like?

Disclaimer: I received tea and cakes and £20 worth of ICE points to spend. Words and Opinions are my own.


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