A Trip Down the One Way System of My Mind: Club Classics Vol. One

Do you have an album that just brings back very distinct memories of playing it over and over? Of a time and a place?

This morning on the Breakfast TV sofa sat Jazzie B, the man behind Soul II Soul, discussion 25 years since the release of Club Classics Vol. One.

Soul II Soul’s Club Classics Vol. One is for me, is one of those albums with many memories attached to it. I brought it from Our Price Records. The album and 12” copies of various singles. I was sharing a house with friends. We’d previously being living in the ‘burbs. Now we lived on the one way system in the centre of the town, that growing up, had been the mecca we caught the bus to. Life didn’t get much better.

Mine was the small back bedroom. It was painted peach. Peach was a lifestyle choice, most of the house was painted in various shades, with accessories from the Reject shop. We were pleased with our peach palace on the one way system. My room caught loads of sunlight and was furnished at Habitat.

I had a little record player on a shelf. I’d play Club Classics over and over. Each time getting up and carefully moving the needle back to the beginning. Trying to catch that the deeper groove in the black vinyl and listening for a bit of crackle rather than a scratching sound which said I’d landed somewhere in the first few seconds of the track.

We lived opposite a new supermarket superstore, the size of it was a thing of wonder and we treated like a fridge.  Loud South London voices shouting up the stairs  “Just going over the road. Want anyfing?” several times a day. Countless people slept on the sofa.  Pubs closed at 11 and clubs at 2 or 3am.  “We live round the corner.  Come back”  was our normal.  The phone, tethered to the living room, rang at all hours.  Next to it various scraps of paper with hastily scrawled messages. I mostly wore big t’shirts and cropped trousers. We drank Lambrusco at home. Southern Comfort lime and lemonade when out.

I appreciate it’s a sophsticated picture of life.

Club Classics Vol. One became the soundtrack to a summer.  Keen to share the joy the volume turned to full and the windows open, the sound floating across the slow moving traffic outside.  It is music associated with youthful good times but mostly with sunshine; a long summer, a sunny house, warm evenings and friends. Happy music.

I think it still sounds as fresh as it did that summer.

What’s your album of memories?


  1. hattydaze

    Loved this album too (still do) and it also brings back that summer for me… was it ’89? Oh we are such old birds… Every track a winner too. FairPlay, Feeling Free, fantastic. Going home to dig out the vinyl. 🙂

  2. Emma

    Fabulous writing! I read this earlier on my phone, couldn’t comment and have been singing Keep on Moving all afternoon! Loved that album. One of the first that I will admit to buying!! 😀

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