Holiday Day Dreams

May is my favourite month. Blossom heavy trees, the return of warm sunshine. Colours are  vivid. Time is more outside than in. After school isn’t about rushing back to the warmth of the house, it is nipping over to the park.

Mostly, I love May for it’s long days. The stretched out days of May. It’s 8pm, the shadows are long and light is still bright. The sky still blue. Long evenings seem full of possibilities and my day dreams turn to summer.

I imagine warm walks in shadowy woodland. Clear crisp rivers, jam jars and fishing nets. Beaches and camp fires.

I am imagining my perfect British summer, a utopia free from rain.

I have optimism that this summer will be different, that ahead of me is the promise of months of good weather. That I can plan and my plans will bear fruit. Because I want to camp. At the library I have been squirreling camping books amongst my fiction.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and probably again). North Wales is has a special place in my heart. Somewhere I never tire of returning to. Now we’ve moved and I spy across the channel a Wales I’ve yet to discover and my heart skips a beat.

I must admit, that while Wales in the sunshine is perfection, in Wales it often rains. Maybe camping is for spontaneous weekends when the weather is wonderful. Camping for a week, planning to camp for a week is, in truth, European camping. Because that kind of camping is joined at the hip with sunshine…….. and beyond our means this year.

The enthusiasm for UK camping in this house is firmly pitched 2 vs.1. Mr Noo being voice of dissent.
Last year we found the perfect compromise in a yurt. I would spend a week in a yurt again. Maybe Wales, maybe better weather, so maybe Devon, maybe glamping.

Mr Noo would love a holiday on a barge, the slow pace, pretty canal side views. He loves a lock does Mr Noo. Or he would like a holiday cottage, in a little village not far from the sea. He likes comforts.

The wonderful thing about being down here, rather than up there, is all the possibilities of new places to discover, a short journey away. Places I hadn’t thought about when I wrote my Day Zero . There lies a list of plans and ideas; Norfolk, France, Skomer Island.

This summer my holidays are still daydreams. We are undecided. Not sure where the summer will take us, if anywhere.

What are your plans? Inspire me. Make me envious.


  1. Circus Queen

    Oh do go glamping in Pembrokeshire. We went to a wonderful glampsite called Fforest ( for our anniversary a few years ago. It was stunning and such a comfortable experience. I’m not hot on camping myself though I’m insistent that we will do it this year. Our plan was to go to Paris next weekend but we’ve had to cancel because the visa process for me was just too much. No other plans yet but like you, we’ve got to watch the budget. I really do hope we manage something though.

  2. An Exeter Mum

    We have ought a tent this year and plan on doing a few mini trips around Devon and hopefully Cornwall this year! Tickets poked already for the Beautiful Days festival at Escor in East Devon in August. I have the cool camping for kids book and the AA guide. Haven’t decided on where else as yet but hoping for some decent sunshine too! River Dart Country Pek will be on the list though! X

    1. helloitsgemma

      My cool camping kids is in storage (massive oversight). Love the sounds of your list. I was looking at the AA guide to the New Forest. Camping with ponies. They are nice guides. Beautiful Day’s festival sounds nice (off to google).

  3. e1aine

    Krakov in two weeks followed by Devon the week after. June is Cornwall, July France, August Devon, September Spain, October probably Spain again. And I’ve promised to go to New York too. This happens when hubby and I go on seperate nights out and agree to holidays the other doesn’t know about. I don’t know how I’m going to fit in work yet. This may make you envious, but I’m full of apprehension about how to fit all this in (and afford it!)

  4. Head in Book

    We are having a bit of a French odyssey this summer to take in a family wedding in the Loire. Planning on some spontaneous camping trips, too, though (I am a resolutely fair-weather camper). Being from the North East, I have never been to Wales(!) but my equivalent is the beautiful Northumberland coast. Hopefully we’ll be spending some time there too.

  5. Mammasaurus

    Last year we stayed in a teepee in Prtugal – I would deffo do teepee-ing again. This years it’s a villa job in Scicilly. But I lvoe camping – camping will be on our list of ‘family weekend’ things to do for sure!

  6. Ella Tabb (@Purpleella)

    I spent a wonderful week in a cottage in west Wales last summer (the less well know Newquay) and would highly recommend it, there is even reliable dolphin spotting in the harbour. We have booked a caravan in Cornwall this year as camping with three kids has become a little much for me.

  7. The Fool

    Wifey and I used to do the spontaneous camping thing when we lived in Bristol (and before kids of course). We’d pack up on a Friday and head down to Devon or Cornwall, easily doable in 3 hours once the traffic has gone.
    For now we’re sticking to cottages though and have 2 weeks planned in Scotland in September. Lots of walks if good weather or playing with the kids next to a fire if not 🙂

  8. bavariansojourn

    I have yet to take our two camping. Love the sound of your plans. Not so keen on the barge holiday idea having done a hen weekend on one. We were stuck in a lock for four hours until we gave in and went to a local pub and begged for help. I am off to Sarajevo in the next few weeks, by myself! Not sure that will make you jealous, but it should be interesting! 😀

  9. Lady Briggs

    Hee hee, that really made me chuckle I have vivid memories of camping in Wales, you may have just inspired a post there!

    We’re off to France but bottled on our original idea of camping once we realised that we’d need a bigger car to fit everything in!

    Have fun whatever you decide 🙂

  10. Honestmum

    Beautiful holiday ideas ahead for you and the family! We adore May too…the start of sunshine and food al fresco and happy days ahead. We’re undecided where to go this year but I’ve just applied for Alexander’s passport for foreign climes are calling!

  11. Michelle | The American Resident

    Some great ideas here! I’d love to go to north Wales sometime–in all my years in the UK I’ve never been. As it’s my husband’s 50th this year we’ve decided on a trip to Santorini. No children as we’re planning it as a time when they’re all busy.

  12. Bibsey Mama (@BibseyMama)

    Sorry a bit late to the summer dreams party here. I love the idea of spontaneous camping trips, but the barge holiday sounds like fun too. Mr B took me to North Wales a couple of times but the weather ruled out camping!
    The weird thing about moving away to somewhere like Spain is that you tend not to ‘go’ on holiday. More often holidays are spent going ‘home’ to visit family and friends. I have been on ‘holiday’ since before I moved here. This year though Bibs and I are off to Italy to meet up with family. Can’t wait.
    Enjoy May!

  13. Asturian Diary

    Our motorhome is sadly about as far removed from glamping (or anything containing the word glam) as you can get. But it is flippin awesome though. We try to get away as many weekends as possible and Jack just LOVES it. You can come borrow it sometime….if you’re not too concerned about your street cred x

  14. Olivia

    I love camping and so would say go for it! But if your husband is not all that keen it is possible to be a bit more comfortable while still in a tent – all depends on the accessories and the size of the tent! I have some friends who take everything from portaloos to campbeds, kitchen areas to doormats. If you do it right camping can be very comfy! Although canal boat holidays are also great fun – I really enjoyed that when we went as a family. And you get to see different places.

    This year I am going to Bad Saarow in Germany (near Berlin) with extended family. We have booked a holiday home for all of us to stay in as it worked out OK with the cost. I am really looking forward to it especially as it is in the countryside, near a lake and the holiday home looks beautiful:

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