Street Art. Upfest

Upfest, street art

Posh coffee anyone?

There are two guys in waistcoats selling lattes in the skate park. Old skool hip hop blasts from nearby speakers. The air smells of aerosol paint. Every wall is being spray painted. In other places this might be graffiti, here is it street art.

Bristol positively embraces street art. Crowds come to admire while drinking posh coffee and eat wood fired pizza. Young and old. Lots of families. Not just skaters and youths in hoodies.

art in the making

art in the making

Upfest cheo

side by side

Possibly the establishment have appropriated street art. Possibly the counter-culture that is street art is muscling its way into the main street on its own terms. What ever your view, I challenge anyone not to find something to admire. Created via spray can. It makes a plain wall something else; interesting, a talking point, something beautiful.
Upfest is Bristol’s weekend of street art. It was this bank holiday weekend. The atmosphere was relaxed, friendly, areas for the kids and sunshine helps.

I’ve looked at art, in galleries or elsewhere and wondered how was it created. Upfest gives the crowds opportunity to see art being created.  The artists were friendly and approachable.  They chatted to my son. Gave out stickers. He has a very pimped up scooter now.



Check out the guy sitting down

Urban street art isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is mine. I might not like every piece but I admire the creation and the imagination. We had a great family day out at Upfest, I may even have a street artist in the making.


  1. hpmcq

    So great that so many local councils are now supporting and exploring the street art culture. Like you I’m a big fan and love watching art being created. X

  2. Michelloui | The American Resident

    Wow! Like you I love street art and the opportunity to see it being made must have been fantastic. I am in great admiration of their skills, whether it’s life-like images they’re creating or old skool tags, it’s all clever.

    Thanks for linking this up with the Where I Live linky on The American Resident! x

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