Family Festival, Camp Bestival

Like the much of UK, I spent a lot of the weekend having a sofa based festival experience. Thinking “wow! that looks great…. but maybe not with my five year old”.

Festivals and kids are wonderful, giving children access to a range of music and experiences: just pick the right festival. In 2010 I took a chubby two year old to Camp Bestival. He loved every moment, bouncing from activity, to tent, to stage. It totally suited the short attention span of his two year old self and gave me a much longed for live music fix.

Camp Bestival brilliantly bridges the gap between something for adults, with a musical line to woo the tastes of most music fans but the family aspect means as a parent, I know it will entertain my child. That the facilities and food will be aimed at families.

I loved festivals in my youth. I no longer want a festival experience where noise is a feature all night long, or adults in a ‘state’ that I might find awkward to explain to a five year old or someone trying to get into my tent at 4 am. Camp Bestival is firmly a family festival, with families enjoying food, music and activities together.

Aged two and a half he loved Camp Bestival. Past an age of regular naps he fell asleep on my shoulder late on Saturday afternoon, exhausted from the joy of so much to do, but desperately fighting sleep in an attempt not to miss a thing. He snoozed and I found a patch of grass for us both and caught a band.

Now he is five, his energy reserves out strip that of a Russian oil field. He has always had his own opinions but now they are more formed. Still shy, he loves to watch from the edge and then join in. He likes a bit of a dance. He likes to think he can play guitar, in a rock style.

So what is he most looking for a Camp Bestival? The wall of death motorcycle display! That will be one for him and his Dad, as will Horrible Histories and the free sports park. I *may* be at Soul Park enjoying a bit of space.

Jousting and falconry is top of my nature boy’s list and that will definitely be something we seek out as a family. While his Dad catches John Cooper Clarke or Ben Waters, me and Noo are intending to sneak off to Twiglets the woodland play area.

Musically, I can see us having a family dance to the Cuban Brothers. My tastes have always been a broad church and I look forward to sharing my own musical history with my son; Kid Creole and the coconuts, Billy Bragg, the Polyphonic Spree – I said it was broad.

Now my boy is a bit grown up he wants to see Dick and Dom but of course, when I mentioned
Mr Tumble he broke a broad smile – we will be down the front for Justin!

Disclosure; I have received a press pass to attend Camp Bestival. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Asturian Diary

    Were you eavesdropping on our sofa-bound conversation last Saturday night? Glastonbury looked amazing (well, apart from the Rolling Stones imho) but so not child friendly. I’m working on OH to put a Bestival or suchlike on our next year’s agenda. There are signs of weakening.

  2. Helen Sims The good life mum

    we want to go to this festival, maybe next year when Ella is bigger, love that photo of your littun in his festival wig. Justin is a lovely man.

  3. Sarah farrell

    We’re contemplating taking our son to this next year when he’ll be 5 – we can combine it with a trip to see in in-laws in Dorset too! It looks really great, I can’t wait to see photos of this years!

  4. bavariansojourn

    It’s going to be brilliant! So wish we were joining you. I went to so many festivals in my yoof, I kind of feel like I am letting my children down having not been able to take them to a single one yet!! One day… x

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